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Kindling for the fire!


There I was, just aimlessly milling about the mall when we went into a Computer Store. I shall keep the name out of my post as this is really aimed at Amazon.com and their Kindle!

Firstly, Amazon was not interested in doing business with anyone other than Americans and an Englishman or two. Secondly, if you tried to order a Kindle via the web, your postal address immediately determines what you can and cannot buy.

So today I was most annoyed to discover Amazon has changed its mind and now sending the Kindle to South Africa. Cause for celebration? Think again! Time to be really insulted! Do we South Africans look like stupid, dim-witted fools?

Amazon has sent – just in time for Christmas – lots of stock of the Kindle for our stores. Stores can only keep the Kindle if they refuse to stock another competitive product. I am not very impressed!

Then it gets worse! On closer inspection, those damn expensive Kindles are really either the old range or the bottom of the range product. So we are STILL just second rate citizens only worth of having their left over’s dumped on us.

Not surprising that Amazon doesn’t want competition! It’s new product which, by the way, you can only buy if you live in the USA, has already been surpassed by competitive products. The budget range they are selling here for a King’s ransom is so out of date that it is a joke!

PLEASE folks! Do your research before you go and support Amazon.com! DO NOT buy a Kindle from them until they show us some respect!


Support the independents like Bookeen who are putting out good products and are willing to sell them to the world who wants their goods.

Furthermore, Kindle has also started insisting that eBook readers cannot have support for their book format and other competitors or even some generic book formats.

Do you REALLY want to support a company that over charging for their technologically outdated products and restricting your freedom and choices? Just don’t complain when, like everything else so far in modern history, we all land up with no competition and incredibly crap products because of all of this…

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