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Crazy is the new Okay!

Crazy is the new Okay — Craziologists Agree

I was reading some material on being an author tonight – don’t we all read this dull stuff? It wasn’t even avant-garde, I promise. While reading — my mind wandered and then wondered — I realised something. Crazy is indeed...

2016-08-14 - Quora Creativity

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Quora: The Epitome of Creativity

Quora: The Epitome of Creativity Read Jo Roderick's answer to What epitomizes, for you, the act of creating something, and how it feels to create? on Quora Image from Pixabay

2016-08-10-Quora-Improve-Yourself 0

Quora: Improve Yourself

Quora: Improve Yourself Read Jo Roderick's answer to I want to better myself spiritually, mentally, physically. Where should I start? on Quora

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Anti-Social Media by Kate Beth Heywood

Light-hearted Fun Anti-Social Media by Kate Beth Heywood Anti-Social Media pokes a lot fun at social media and our modern life styles. The power of a ‘follow’, and then saving face, turns the events into an amusing dash for the finish line....