Ask the universe to change your world!

With life’s ups, downs, knocks and blessings the only constant that drives you forward is your faith and belief that nothing in life is permanent. It is not an easy concept to grasp as we are socialised to fairytale standards and norms which are designed as control mechanisms to keep society as a whole in a conformist state.
The great news is that just as good things do come to an end, so do the bad. The change of life’s circumstances is simply an indication that change itself is needed. The sooner we apply that change to ourselves the quicker we will be happy and content once more.
So the key is really to not respond to difficult times with negativity but rather to throw honest, heartfelt positive energy at it. After all, it is really just a lesson in the book of life. I have an unfailing belief that one can move on from a situation as quickly or as slowly as one sets it up. Just align your desires with your thoughts, feelings, and energies. The rest will fall into place. You must consider yourself worthy from within and not just as a hypothetical thought! It is one thing to say it and another to feel and believe it.
Take the situation at hand, analyse it, look for the positive elements, look for a way to fix it, apply any possible solutions at hand, and then release it to the universe. From there on, with your plan of action firmly in place, simply continue to believe that the end of the situation is in sight. Even if the only solution you have at such times is to believe and know that it can – and WILL change – it is enough.
To use a quite recent example of how this works let me describe a recent event that happened in my life.
I was faced with a challenge and what I wanted most was slipping away from me. I asked the universe to literally move my world and align it so that my desire could be met in an honest and non manipulative manner. Then I released the issue as best as I could. It is perfectly fine to be human and imperfect.
I needed some answers at the time and I know that if I ask the questions, the universe will reply in some way. Sometimes the answers quite obvious and sometimes you have to be open to seeing your answer in unexpected words from a stranger or events that occur. You will, however, get an answer!
That very same evening I got a phone call from the holy land! A dear friend who is a Crystal Healer and a Clairvoyant intercepted the message. We had not seen each other or even spoken in quite a while. Eventually she could not get me off her mind and gave me telephone call from Israel! What a breathtaking surprise. So I got some of the answers I needed but not necessarily the ones I wanted. Thanks Adi 🙂 you know how to lift a person up to the best they can be.
Ask the universe to change your world with all your heart and expect it to happen! When it happens, be grateful and do not find fault with it but rather embrace it as you would a newborn.

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