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My guest spot on Siobhan Daiko’s page

Guest spot on Siobhan Daiko Siobhan Daiko has kindly given me a guest spot on her site today. She is the author of several books, including Lady of Asolo, The Orchid Tree, and Veronica, which I reviewed recently here. I wanted...


The Show for Wordiness

The Show for Wordiness I’m allowing myself to be drawn into the debate for wordiness. In ‘showing’ my support, I may be ‘telling’, but I will face the fallout without despair. I shall sail the turbulent sea that sprays a...


The World Today (Part 1)

There are days — and certain evenings — that I sit down and my mind unravels, unleashing its philosophical potential. I ponder on world events, I wonder about the turmoil of humanity, and I try not to feel despondent at...