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Be Kinder: The World Needs More Kindness

Be Kinder The World Needs More Kindness Sometimes we are just too busy, or it is someone else’s problem. Perhaps everyone else is busy, and we can lend a helping hand, but will we extend it, or smack away the...

The Challenging Rooster: How to be Happy

The Challenging Rooster A month into the Year of the Rooster, the irritating poultry is crowing loudly. Being an Aries/Rooster combination is not always easy, but it’s also seldom dull. Being Aries, I thought, “Eh! Can’t be that bad for...


Quora: Improve Yourself

Quora: Improve Yourself Read Jo Roderick's answer to I want to better myself spiritually, mentally, physically. Where should I start? on Quora