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Book Review: Carpet Diem by Justin Lee Anderson

Carpet Diem by Justin Lee Anderson Comical, riotous, and Cheeky I pick and choose what I read carefully, but when faced with a Carpet Diem, I was sold. The book does live up to its funny title too. It’s not...


Definition: Gahrsnort

Definition: Gahrsnort   Gahrsnort, verb, onomatopoeic. To gahrsnort, gahrsnorting, gahrsnorted (past tense). Common incorrect usage, gahrsnortovitz. The sound that is emitted from the back of one’s throat when a ‘grrr’ is not enough, and a ‘hah’ is too much. It...


Writer’s Blockage

Writer’s Blockage The World Wide Web is filled with advice on how to beat writer’s block. You could beat it with a large stick, for example. Go on, give it a good old thump! At least you will feel better...