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This is Edna Czeriek's 2003 Diva Lights Crystal Workshop. What I have compiled here is a mere shadow of her work & knowledge. She is missed!

Divalights 2003 Workshop (Edna Czeriek)

Diva Lights 2003 Workshop Edna Czeriek Main Table with Crystals In 2003, I attended Edna’s Diva Lights crystal workshop. I’ve put this up online in memory of her, and all she did to help people. She was always known online...

Remembering Edna Czeriek: Crystal healer, Clairvoyant, & wonderful human being. She was my Jewish Dragon with a Huge Heart. I miss her.

Remembering Edna (Adina Czeriek)

Remembering Edna Adina Czeriek Edna at my house (2001/12/25) Edna was always off on an adventure. It didn’t have to be far away, but it was always interesting, and often for the oddest of reasons. Sometimes, we went with, on...