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Hi Everyone! This is just a quick update to let you know that The book of Life is now available in Print and at your favourite ebook Store. Visit for links to all major stores and various formats. There...


The Book of Life Notice

“An inspiring and insightful guide to modern-day living, a wonderful mixture of the serious and the humorous, the wise and the quirky.” Prof. Hendrik Hofmeyr, University of Cape Town. Considering it is Christmas in two days … this feels almost...

World War III?

As we approach the day of a new and completely stupid war perhaps a little hunour will save the day. Encourage those so eager for war to reconsider the pointless destruction and cost… |


Gmail Under Fire

For the last two day’s I’ve been putting off writing this post. Contrary to Google’s head in the sand approach to what is clearly a hot subject, I’ve decided to speak out. I design for a living. I’ve designed many things from Architecture to web pages...