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Short Stories published by Jo Roderick can be found in this section.

Back To Christmas: A Time Travel Tale

Back To Christmas A Time Travel Tale Note: This story forms part of The Scandari Saga and stands alone. However, the correct sequence is to first read Six For Seven (optional), and then Aeonosphere (preferably), followed by this Christmas Tale.  ...


Short Story – The Ker-Boom Button

The Ker-Boom Button “What’s that button do?” “That’s the Ker-boom button!” “The ‘Ker-boom’ button?” “That’s correct.” “Ker-boom?” “Ker-boom! Why are you echoing everything I say?” “What exactly does that mean? What does the button do then?” “Ker-boom, of course.” “So...


Short Story – Love and Sweat

Love and Sweat A Short Story I have only myself to blame for this predicament and now, there was no way out. I feel trapped. The beaded sweat begins to pool and trickle down my forehead. Wiping it away from...