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My new Photography Site!

I wrote the previous little article for my new site… So while I am still ironing out all the wrinkles and stomping on a few bugs, Stocky Image is up and running. This is just the beginning but in time...


Copyright, licencing, and Digital Downloads

Copyright, licencing, and Digital Downloads I’ve decided to write a piece about copyright and licencing in layman’s terms to help people understand about what all this means to us and the Internet too! Some people think that because something can be...

World War III?

As we approach the day of a new and completely stupid war perhaps a little hunour will save the day. Encourage those so eager for war to reconsider the pointless destruction and cost… |


Gmail Under Fire

For the last two day’s I’ve been putting off writing this post. Contrary to Google’s head in the sand approach to what is clearly a hot subject, I’ve decided to speak out. I design for a living. I’ve designed many things from Architecture to web pages...