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World War III?

As we approach the day of a new and completely stupid war perhaps a little hunour will save the day. Encourage those so eager for war to reconsider the pointless destruction and cost… |


Gmail Under Fire

For the last two day’s I’ve been putting off writing this post. Contrary to Google’s head in the sand approach to what is clearly a hot subject, I’ve decided to speak out. I design for a living. I’ve designed many things from Architecture to web pages...


Car Bomb Freedom

Car Bomb Freedom I have a question for the world to think about. It seems I always have a lot of those don’t I? We all tend to buy into political brainwashing that occurs on a daily basis without much...



If I told you that I recently came across a wonderful new torch and that I took off its bottom to leave its rear exposed. Then I forcibly insert a large battery into its cavity but had to force it...