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Reviewing for Non-Dummies

Reviewing for Non-Dummies Many readers avoid reviewing the books they read, and this is detrimental to authors. In this article, I’m going to explain, in optimistic and layman’s terms, the fundamentals of why it is important to review books, and the easy ways to accomplish...


Book Review: Miss Fortune by Albina Hume

An unexpectedly entertaining read Albina Hume has led an interesting life and she has a great story to tell. At first glance, one might think that this is yet another memoir, but it is much more than that. One often sees reviews that start with,...


Book Review: Twitter for Writers by Rayne Hall

A Fantastic Guide for a Twitter Novice This is a great guide, especially for anyone just starting out on Twitter. When I was first told about Twitter for Writers, I thought it might be just another pointless book with an interesting cover. I was pleasantly...