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Plastic spoons?

Do you really need Plastic Spoons? I found this video from Greenpeace and I thought I’d share it with everyone. It mirrors many of my concerns and ongoing gripes. Please reuse and stop disposing of plastic items.   The Story of a Spoon charts the...


Short Story – Love and Sweat

Love and Sweat A Short Story I have only myself to blame for this predicament and now, there was no way out. I feel trapped. The beaded sweat begins to pool and trickle down my forehead. Wiping it away from my brow I smile nervously,...


Scandari Saga: Aeonosphere Promotion

Aeonosphere Promotion only available on Amazon: The Scandari Saga: Aeonosphere is currently on 99c on Amazon. It’s a good time to pick up a copy if you enjoyed Six For Seven. If you can please retweet below and share. I would be most grateful. Enjoy! ...