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Book Review: Charlie and Pearl by Tammy Robinson

Beautiful and Haunting. This is a poignant story of two ordinary people who have an extraordinary connection. Without giving too much away, the reader can expect to shed a tear or two along the way. I found it difficult to...


Book Review: Break in to Murder by Paul Moore

A good mystery and court drama. What I enjoyed about ‘Break in to Murder’ is that, unlike some courtroom dramas, it isn’t a dull, dry, never-ending legalese marathon. Normal people like me can enjoy it. I don’t care about subparagraph...


Book Review: Missing Gretyl by Si Page.

I must confess, I did judge the book partly by the cover, and I was not disappointed. Si Page has created a wonderful set of characters, some of which you will love, and others you will loathe. You may even...