Is Bankrupt? Is Lutskevych hiding?


Is Bankrupt?

Why is Oleksandr Lutskevych hiding from his customers?

Is facing bankruptcy again? If is bankrupt, then get your funds out quickly. It’s no secret I’ve had many issues with them. You can read my review of my past experiences with them on TrustPilot.Com. They even went so far to attempt having my reviews removed. They were shot down because I had facts to back up my experience.

The same thing has happened again. Yes, I know … I didn’t learn the last time. It was a calculated risk on a small amount and I was verified with them … and … crap happened – again! I really loath writing these sort of reviews, but I need to warn people.

There are many who store their cryptocurrency on these exchanges. They are all folding, and it’s just a matter of time before defaults and goes under just like the recent fiasco by FTX. However, there will be no justice for the people who lose their money. Just as Sam Bankman-Fried is not in jail for taking people’s money and never actually purchasing any crypto as an asset, so will Oleksandr Lutskevych, the CEO of, just walk away a millionaire with nothing more than a smack on the hand. These people are not held liable for their actions.


This is how handles problems. Is Bankrupt?

I’ve just been held hostage again by for over two weeks. Publicly, they keep saying that they reply to all messages on all their various platforms, but they don’t. They simply block anyone with a problem that might somehow get money out of their criminal hands.

Eventually, I discovered that if I allowed them to rip me off by nearly 10% of the amount I was trying to withdraw, I could send it to my card instead of my account. I sacrificed it just to get out whatever I could. These are not isolated instances. Go read other reviews. Sit and read the replies to any post on Facebook. It’s littered with people trying to get someone to reply. Eventually, all that is left is to shame Oleksandr Lutskevych publicly. He is a criminal, and you should stay far away from people like this.

Most of these big cryptocurrency exchanges are dodgy at best, but I have found the most negligent and despicable of them all. If you don’t have custody of your own private keys, then you have no crypto. What you have is a fraudulent I.O.U. that states the corporation owes you the currency. That is not an exchange. This is the way the banking system works, and its beginning to collapse as expected.

Do not wait until declares formal bankruptcy: get your money or cryptocurrency out of their systems while you can. They will probably try to blame this on me, but will fail to tell you that they have blocked me everywhere, and do not reply to any messages left through their useless bot chat system. Do you want to do business with such dishonest people? You have been warned.



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