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Have you heard the phrase, Order Out of Chaos? It comes from Latin, 'Ordo Ab Chao', but what does it imply? Learn more about global manipulation today.

Order Out of Chaos:

Ordo Ab Chao & Novus Ordo Seclorum

By now, you will have heard the phrase, ‘Order Out of Chaos’, or the Latin version, ‘Ordo Ab Chao’. It’s not my intention to discuss the origins of the phrase, the secret organisations that control the world, the freemasons, illuminati, or other such groups. I deal in verifiable facts. Having said that, this is my opinion on the facts. Perhaps it will resonate with you.

Let’s put all the juicy stuff aside so that we can learn something new — without scandal or intrigue. Dull, I know, but trust me on this: you will learn something far more important. Discussing what we already know is tantamount to craziness. I propose discussing the meaning of the phrase, and how it is implemented. Once you understand, everything else clicks into place, and that is my only goal.

Order Out of Chaos implicitly implies that in order to have order, we must first have chaos. This also hints back to the ‘law of entropy’, a measure of chaos, so to speak. However, let me not get sidetracked. The assumption is that first there is chaos, and then, through concerted effort, we have order. This begs the question: what is order? Since I am not following a philosophical tangent with this, I shall leave it for another day.


The important part of this subject is the ‘order’ aspect. An order, can mean structure, but it is also known to be a control system: a governance. What I want people to realise is that ‘Order Out of Chaos’ is not about a nice, orderly peaceful society. It’s about control, usually as complete and total as possible.

If we presume the stance that there was no chaos to begin with, and everything is as it should be, we then see that there was a natural order of things. After all, chaos is a subjective experience. Have you ever visited a friend’s house and his environment is a mess? Utter chaos! However, he seems perfectly happy in his surroundings, and he knows where everything is. So, is it chaos, or is it his way of doing things?

Now look at the phrase again. Is it possible that chaos is being perpetuated to legitimise the order? Is the order the saviour of the day, or is it a smokescreen for control and manipulation? I implore you to look at the phrase with new eyes. Who are these people to tell us what is and what isn’t chaos? Furthermore, who can tell us what order is? Since only you can answer these questions, you are being forced into submission by someone else’s idea of order.

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Many look to the United States of America for guidance on how to govern the world. Or do they? Are we simply told what to believe, what to think, and what to do by the elite? When we look closer at those that control the USA, and indeed most of the global financial systems, we see their roots coming from very old families of power. America is not a new race: it is a settlement of those who control the planet. It was established as the new base of operations. Most of the symbolism on the seals and public office are not even ‘American’, as they come from far older languages and cultures.

Perhaps this is why we find, ‘Novus Ordo Seclorum’ on the American fiat currency. It can mean, ‘New order of the ages’, or New World Order … if you will. Before you scoff, think about it. For a very long time now, it has been the American age. The American dollar is the currency to which everything is pinned to. Don’t think micro environment. Go beyond your comfort zone to see how the dollar has become a global currency. It is also set to fail, thus ushering in the new ‘Digital Dollar’ … the New World Currency.

This is the order of enslavement. Is this what you want for your own life? I hope not. Now you have a new understanding of chaos and order, and of course, methods of manipulation. Perhaps there was no chaos at all before the New World Order was devised. It’s been in the making for a very long time. Act now, and think for yourself because you no longer have the luxury of deliberate ignorance.


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