The Real CoVid19 Stats for the UK!


Do you know what the Real Corona Stats are for the UK? These actual figures are posted by official sources. My maths is very easy to follow. Info is power!

The Real Corona Stats for the UK!

Corona/Covid19 Statistics for Thinking People

Here are the real CoVid19 Stats for the UK, as it seems people are not doing their own maths. First, we cannot just pick and choose the numbers that are convenient. We must take the first reported case as the beginning of the timeline.

Even if you double the numbers to half the time for the first reported case, it is still not alarming enough to shut down the country. The stats have been misreported when they are given for the ‘worst’ weeks or months. Imagine a plane crash. The minute before the crash, the death rate is zero. What is it directly afterwards? What is it for the whole year?

I am a little dyslexic, and if I can do this for myself, then so can you. I had to use a calculator, and keep double checking. Here are the actual numbers being reported by ‘official’ sources. I have not thumb sucked any of these figures. I rounded off the numbers to make them easier to digest. Here are my calculations.


The Official stats:

Population of the UK = 67 814 936

Yearly Mortality Rate for the UK = 500 000

UK CoVid-19 death count is at 14 576 at the time of writing this article.

The Real Maths:

14 576 / 5 months = 2915 per month.

CoVid19 Mortality Rate = 0.004299% per month (2915 / 67 814 936)

Total UK Mortality Rate per month = 0.06144173% (41 666.667 / 67 814 936)

The Relatable figures:

UK Mortality Rate for 5 months = 208 333.333

UK CoVid19 Mortality Rate for 5 months = 14 576


Those are very big differences. Is this the reason you are under house arrest? Basically, you have a 0.004299% chance of dying from CoronaVirus this year.

The normal yearly influenza epidemic has gone way down for the UK. Is there a correlation? You decide for yourself, because unlike ‘official’ sites, I don’t tell people what to think — or at least I try not to.

There are many reasons for the false positives being reported, so research for yourself. I have also heard from inside the NHS. These are people who cannot speak publicly because they are under orders not to break ranks. So, what are the real CoVid19 Stats for the UK? Please, think for yourselves. Dying with Corona is not the same as dying because of it.

I will be doing articles with more information, but I don’t get paid for this, and I don’t have research assistants. It takes a lot of time to research and acquire proper knowledge about what is happening. Bear with me, and know that #Truth is #Freedom.



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