The Real Corona Stats for Ireland!

Image for header: Do you know what the Real Corona Stats are for Ireland? These actual figures are posted by official sources. My maths is very easy to follow. Info is power!

The Real Corona Stats for Ireland:

Corona/Covid19 Statistics for Thinking People

For everyone living in Ireland: do you know the real Corona stats? Please go read up about them on the official website. The truth might surprise you. These figures are not high enough to cause panic.

The Covid-19 virus has been around for 5 months; incidentally, just after a Corona patent was approved. You can read more about that here. To date, 158 people (their average age is over eighty) have died in Ireland. It’s all written in black and white. At the time of writing this, these official figures below were publicly available to anyone who wished to look them up. Since then, things may have changed.

These are normal stats for influenza. I’m not heartless. This is the truth. While you are panicking, the economy is crumbling. Do not allow this country to go down in bankruptcy for no good reason. This is the new world order at play. Do the maths for yourself because I am really bad at it.


158 (deaths) / 4,994 (infected) = 3.16% of those infected have died.

Ireland’s population is 4.83 million (2018)

158 / 4,830,000 = 0.003271221532% of fatality.

This is the mortality rate of Corona-identified deaths in Ireland over the last 5 months. That is 0.003% mortality. 9000 people alone die of cancer in Ireland each year. Is no one is worrying about cancer? What is the total death rate per year? There were 31,116 deaths registered for 2018.

So, let’s look at the numbers again: 158 deaths amongst old people on average eighty-year-old or older. We must take the timeline into consideration too. This is since November last year. The first ever case of Covid-19 was discovered November 17, 2019 in Wuhan, China. The first ever case of Covid-19 was discovered in Ireland February 28, 2020. If we double the stats, or even triple them, they are still not alarming enough to warrant the state of affairs.

We cannot simply skew the numbers because this is what is being done by those in power. 100% of those below the soil level in graveyards were found to be dead too. As ridiculous as this example is, it illustrates the point perfectly.

The real corona stats are not a reason to shut down and destroy the economy. It is well below the normal influenza stats. Please take all necessary precautions. We have always been a bit slack when it comes to hygiene and this world is overpopulated. At least Bill Gates and some of his friends think so.

If I have made an error in my maths, please help me with it. I am a little dyslexic, not a moron.

Edited for more information:

So, there are 11,660 beds in public hospitals. Where are the 4,994 infected being housed? Is there a concentration camp somewhere we have not been told about? Putting my sarcasm aside, how do they know there are 5k individuals infected/affected if the hospitals are empty?

Research for yourself:


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