Forceget: a New Definition | Forcegetting, Forcegotten


Definition of: forceget, to forceget, forcegetting, forcegotten. Don’t allow the forcegetting to be applied in real time. You have the choice to remember.


Definition of forceget, forcegetting, forcegotten

Forceget, transitive verb. To forceget, forcegetting, forcegotten (past tense).

Incorrect usage: a natural forcegetting. There is nothing natural about it.

Phonetics: Fours-get.


  1. This is the act of forcing mass forgetfulness amongst people. Forcegetfulness is achieved by repeating an untruth, or simple repetition of misinformation by official sources;
  2. A populace has forcegotten the truth because they have been told the truth is false;
  3. A form of brainwashing, sometimes even perpetuated by the person him- or herself;
  4. A forceful rewriting of history.

Origin: first used on Facebook by Jo Roderick, circa April, 2020.

Notes: If you find yourself using the word incessantly, do write to the Chambers dictionary and insist that they include it in the next revised edition. If you have ever forcegotten before, or plan to do so in the future, it is imperative to get people across the planet begin remembering not to forceget.


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