Economic Crisis 2020: Coronavirus Ramifications

Economic Crisis 2020: what are the Coronavirus lockdown implications? Economic collapse not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s? What's happening?

Economic Crisis 2020: Coronavirus Ramifications

Global Lockdown Implications & the Economic Collapse of 2020

There is no denying it anymore: the economic crisis 2020 is well under way. Even if we were to reverse the CoronaVirus lockdown, it is way too late to do an economic turnaround. We can only hope not to make it far worse than it need be. I’ve been speaking about this for many years, and I am not the only one. I am not a prophet for profit; just seeing the signs and reporting what I have learnt over the last few decades.

This recession is not a surprise. The only spanner in the works is that it took longer to begin than was originally planned. However, Covid-19 isn’t the reason, even though it will be used as one. It will be the scapegoat needed, which is why they have used this scare to shut down the world — well, the businesses and organisations not run by those in control. Don’t believe me? Many don’t, and that is why it’s as bad as it is now. It will get much worse. I really wish I was wrong, but I’m we are not wrong.

Before I go any further, I am not suggesting anything against common sense. We should be maintaining a high level of hygiene, and this is not anything new. We should have been doing this all along. Self-quarantine is advisable, but in some parts of the world, people are being forced into isolation by force. It’s not particularly democratic, and we should call it what it is: house arrest. Martial law is not part of democracy, so don’t accept it when they tell you what to believe.


What Democracy Isn’t

This is not democracy, and it is most certainly not freedom. The illusion of our freedom is what has brought us to this dismal state of affairs. We are human beings with minds of our own. We are not cattle in quarantine. Why are we being treated as such? If you do a bit of research, or at very least read some of my other articles, you will begin to understand what is really happening.

If you look closely at what is told to us, the virus is not even that dangerous to healthy people. The numbers being put out are unsubstantiated. In some cases, they are outright lies. It’s not to say that people have not died, but considering they don’t exactly know what the virus is, how can they thumb suck numbers? The truth is that the numbers are being warped to facilitate the global plan, and what better way is there than fear?

Get an Independent Opinion

There is a subtle but massive distinction between saying that people are dying with the presence of CoVid-19 in the system, and dying because of it. This is very easy to miss, but it is a world of difference. It’s the same as saying a car with a dent had an accident, not that the accident caused the dent. However, this is a topic for another article.

There is no test for this CoronaVirus. Do I need to repeat myself? They are testing for a genetic marker that is present in many people. They are not testing for the virus, but for exosomes. I am not a doctor so I advise you to get an independent opinion. You still remember what those are, right?

Heading for Hyperinflation

If you do not understand what hyperinflation is, here is a little bit of homework for you. It will give you an idea of what is coming during the economic crisis 2020. What happened in Zimbabwe is happening to every country right now because you refuse to believe it. This is what happens when you print out money to give to people to #StayHome, and be unsafe. The longer you stay at home, the more unsafe you will be when you venture back outside. The world has already changed.

To keep it short, governments are currently printing an unprecedented amount of money to pacify you enough to keep you at home. Think about it logically: if you have no money for food, will you stay at home and starve? No, of course not, and therein lies the key. In the very short term, the money printing press will be working furiously to give you some paper. You will happily rush off to the store to purchase some more toilet paper rolls, and you will be content.

Money Will Be Worthless

What people do not understand, is that in weeks to months at most, those pieces of paper the government is giving to you the banks and their friends, will be worth less than the fresh paper they are printed on. It’s not a matter of years, but mere months. It’s expensive to make those fancy notes, and now they are going to be worthless anyway. You should also realise that it is your tax money that is funding these shiny new, soon-to-be-worthless notes. Our world is funding our own economic collapse that they planned, so to speak.

The last recession never ended. We are not going into a recession; it’s just about to get so much worse that you will not believe it. When the paper money is worth so little, you will have to pay so much more for goods and services. The allowance that you will get from the government will not help to keep you going for long, and it will run out. Of course, by that time, everyone will be unemployed, and wholly dependent on their government. That is by design. Any independent business that has not folded will probably be seized by the emergency law provisions. It’s been done before, just read your history books, as full of inaccuracies as they are.

Why Would They Do This?

By now, you are asking why they would do this, so let me tell you. This is all about control. You cannot control independent people with independent incomes. We are being told that only essential services can continue to run, but look around you. All the big chains are open while all the small stores are closed. Do you honestly think that customer service is going to be a ‘thing’ at Amazon once you have nowhere else to shop? You thought that their high-tech stores with no staff were great, didn’t you? They will be, when people want to revolt. Who will you talk to then? A security camera?

I hope that everyone realises this before we are held hostage to a few mega corporations. Actually, we already are, but we still have some smaller businesses that were thriving, but they are being destroyed with the economic crisis of 2020, while you are at home. Without money, there are no customers. If you are in a services industry, you will have no income. People will only have ‘digital’ cash for the ‘essentials’.


Your television, Internet, and all forms of communication are already controlled by these globalists. It’s all hidden in plain sight. Go on, go over to any search engine and type in, “Who owns XYZ company.” Once you get an answer, repeat the process with the holding company, and keep going until you get to the real owners. I’ve mentioned a few in my articles. Gates, Buffett, Vanguard, Blackrock … need I go on? It will be the same in every country.

To truly bring everyone to their knees, they have to force a financial collapse and economic crisis for 2020 in every country. Each fiat currency will go through this process. It is too late to reverse it. The only thing you can do is not accept their new one world currency. You actually have many alternatives such as cryptocurrencies — the real thing, not what governments will force on you. Reports are already showing people converting their allowances into cryptocurrencies. Alternatively, simply purchase some precious metals. I suggest silver coins — as many people wiser than I am advise — because it’s:

  1. Cheaper to buy. Gold coins are more expensive for most people to rush off and purchase, and;
  2. Easier to trade if it come to it. It’s better to pay one small silver coin for a loaf of bread than a large gold one! In other words, it’s easier to barter with. It’s hard to get change if we are forced into negotiating outside of the one world currency chain.

Hope that we never need to use our reserves like that, but if you have an emergency, you will get to the front of the queue at the hospital with some silver tinkling in your pocket rather than crappy paper that is not worth a dime.

Mainstream Media Warnings

If you are still doubting that this is already happening, consider the official news media. What are they telling you to do? They are telling people not to use money because of the dangers of the ‘virus’. When you hear statements like these below, you will remember my words.

“In the name of safety, we are creating a new and much safer digital currency. We will be phasing out all paper by 202X.”

There are already reports that they will be phasing out cash machines. Now I can see where it’s going. Instead of a hard-economic crash, we will be more subtly transitioned into the ‘saving’ new currency. You will be economically enslaved, and you will beg for it. You can save yourself by buying cryptocurrency and precious metals before then, but time has almost run out, and the prices for these things have skyrocketed. Precious metals are now also so in demand that there is a waiting list to get your hands on some.

Even if the worst does not happen — and we are pushing back against the system — these alternative bartering methods are going to maintain their worth, plus you will not be enslaved to them. They are also very unlikely to drop below your purchasing price.

Don’t be tempted to sell these investments off when they double and triple in value. Trust me, you will regret it because they will continue to rise in value as the latecomers are desperate to buy out of the horrendous one-world-currency system. One of the reasons they will appreciate is because the actual currency is being devalued.

There will be no difference between the old dollar and the new digital dollar. Correction: the new dollar will only be available through a microchip in your body.

“Would you like some cash to buy food? You can get started the second you allow us to vaccinate you, and insert this itsy, bitsy lil’ chip. It will hurt like hell once you are in the system, but hey … you’ll get some scraps to eat.”

How Globalists Survive

Another good question I am often asked is: how will the rich stay rich if all the fiat currencies collapse? First, unlike you, they have insider information. They know when these things are coming. You could have known, but you weren’t invited to the party, and you were calling people like me telling the truth, crazy.


Second, the truth is hidden right in front of you. How does this insider information help them to get even richer? It’s simple. They don’t have the same money that you do. The elite never have much money on them at all. Carrying filthy paper is considered to be very low class. Only peasants carry it. The rich use their names to move around the world.

Graphic of Face Mask on Money Pile. Economic Crisis 2020: what are the Coronavirus lockdown implications? Economic collapse not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s? What's happening?With this in mind, their real wealth is in assets that are safe from economic collapses. They invest in companies that you and I cannot do without. They buy property, and it might surprise you, but many of them have bought up copious amounts of real gold and silver, and not the faux stocks in the stock exchange they sell to fools on the street. You can also bet that they are some of the biggest holders of cryptocurrency. They might be psychopaths, but they are not stupid.

When the fiat currencies collapse, most of us will be destroyed financially. They will sweep in to save us with double and even triple mortgages to assist you to ‘keep’ your house, but they will ‘own’ it, and you will be ‘renting’ it from them because you will never be able to finish paying it off. All of your small, private businesses — that are of valuable to them — will be bought up for pennies on the ‘digital’ dollar, of which, they will already have millions of in their accounts. Do you understand the system now? They are immune to the crashes because they orchestrate them while you are staying home, unsafe.

The Warning Signs

When you next turn on the television, or visit an Internet site, and you hear things said such as,

“ … and it will be ‘convenient’ if everyone has a microchip embedded.”

… remember what we are all saying right now. It is never too late, but the longer we let this go on, the far worse our collective suffering will be.

If you are a bible believer, remember the quotes about God helping those who help themselves. Remember the mark of the beast. Remember that you were told to resist it or exist in a state of hell.

If you are not religious, remember that we have all been talking about the final economic crisis for 2020 that will bring in the new world order. If you are still watching the television, they are warning you about the worst recession since the 1930s. You cannot say you were not warned to resist.

A Conspiracy Theory

There is a similar, insane, illogical reaction that I see in most people I speak to. The scary truth cannot be so … it cannot because it is too much to contemplate. Just because you deny the existence of something doesn’t mean it goes away.

“A few people cannot control the world!”

No? Are you sure? Tell me, how did you end up under house arrest during this Coronavirus Epidemic? Bill Gates, GAVI, and the World Health Organisation told everyone to panic, and immediately hide under the covers. He controls all three, and is the biggest funder of them after the US government. This one man wants to vaccinate the world.

“Honest politicians would never allow this!”

Seriously? Honest politicians? They never make it into any position of power because they cannot be controlled. How many powerful — and I use the word loosely — politicians have not been wrapped up in endless lies, lawsuits, and bad press? Notice how the trouble always evaporates, and everyone forgets about it. I call it, ‘forcegotten’.

Do you still wish to tell me that this could never happen? It has been said many times that you should always hide the ugliest truth in plain sight. No one will believe it. It is also said that if you are going to lie, do it in the biggest possible fashion. No one will believe the truth.

Are you starting to believe me now? Listen to the crazy people, because they will sound perfectly sane when the world quickly becomes unbearable after the economic crisis during 2020.

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