Face Masks: Do They Work, and Who Makes Them?


Are you wondering if Face Masks work or not? Who makes Face Masks? How are they connected financially? Is there collusion in Medicine? Decide for yourself!

Face Masks:

Do They Work, and Who Makes Face Masks?

Face Masks are under great demand these days. It’s big business, you might say. It’s even sensible fashion for some. The issue with them is that there are several conflicting opinions. So, what is the truth?

What do the CDC and WHO Say?

At the time of writing this article, the World Health Organization says you only need to wear one if dealing with infected Covid-19 patients. The CDC seems to believe that cloth face masks are the way to go in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. So, what is a person to do then? Throw face masks to the wind and brave a scary new world, or make mask manufacturers even richer?

Well, according to a mad scientist/chemist type person who lives upstairs, the virus particles are small enough to pass through the mask. One thing is for sure: sucking copious amounts of the virus from the environment onto the mask means you need to dispose of it properly. Taking the mask into your home, and handling it without proper precaution could be even worse than just not wearing one at all.


Other experts say that the N95 face mask does help with preventing transmission, but it must be fitted properly, and sealed against the face. However, there is another challenge that arises with the N95 face mask: the medical profession needs them, and they tell us that they are in short supply. You might be ‘killing granny’ if you stockpile them for your own personal use.

Who makes these Face Masks?

This is where the story takes a very convoluted twist or two. It becomes rather a contentious issue. I came across this information in my research, and decided people should know the truth. The least painful way is to just rip off the bandage and give you some stats.

First, let me introduce you to a company called the Vanguard Group. It’s essentially an investment group. The thing to note is that they own shares in almost all the manufacturers of face masks. They also own 5.67% of the shares in BlackRock, Inc., which are also an investment group. Blackrock, also own shares in the Vanguard Group … a 13.46% stake to be precise. It gets more bizarre.

These companies listed, all make face masks, and here goes …. Vanguard has 7.41% of Honeywell, but Black rock owns 4.44% too. Vanguard has 8.19% of Kimberly-Clark, and Blackrock owns 5.30% too. With Alpha Pro Tech Ltd, Vanguard has a paltry 3.63%, but BlackRock also owns 0.36%, not much, I know. You have heard of 3M, right? Well, Vanguard has 8.61% with BlackRock holding 5.00%. Let’s move onto a company I didn’t recognise by name. Vanguard has 8.70% of McKesson Corp. but BlackRock also owns 5.15%. There are probably more of this cross investment, but these are the biggest companies. Nothing further is achieved by throwing more numbers at the situation.

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Okay! Boy, those are some dull numbers. I am a little dyslexic so you must know how hard that is for me to take in, but there is a point to all of this. It’s all about money and investing in manufacturing.

I know many people truly believe that the CDC is a non-profit organisation. Did you know that there is the CDC, and then there is the CDC Foundation? Well. now you do. You see them both, and the name looks the same, but it’s not. Is it on purpose?

https://www.cdc.gov/ is an official government organisation. The CDC Foundation, however, goes around collecting cash for the CDC. It’s very easy to mix it up, but that is what it amounts to. I thought you might find that an interesting bit of information.

Let’s see if we recognise some of the names who fund the CDC Foundation. Surely you will recognise the Gates surname in there, but we are not discussing the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation today. I’ll save that for another day. Look down the page until you get to ‘Vanguard Charitable’. I wonder who could possibly own 3MGives? Do you still trust the CDC, or CDC Foundation?

I predict that there will be tonnes of face masks, but a shortage of life-sustaining food. The true sickness will continue to be the lack of good nutrition and exercise. By the way, did you know that BlackRock and Vanguard are the biggest investors in private prisons in the USA?

What do You Believe?

Notice that I am not telling you what to think; just to think — for yourself. I have no monetary investment in freedom, and the truth needs to be told. What you choose to believe is a right that you are already losing rapidly. You are being told what you will and will not believe.


Think, and start today. You are a sovereign human being. Stand up for your rights or you won’t have them for much longer.

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