CoronaVirus Patents (2006257852 & 3172319B1)


CoronaVirus Patents filed before the outbreak. Someone knew about it beforehand, and are making money from it. Do you believe what you hear? Stay informed!

CoronaVirus Patents

(US 2006257852 & EP 3172319B1)

The CoronaVirus patents were filed before the virus outbreak. Still wondering about what your government is telling you? Before, I wasn’t sure if this virus was manmade or not, but what we can be sure about is that those in power knew it was coming. Those that sought to make a lot of money from this have the patents ready.

I learnt the information I’m providing here from a video channel on YouTube called, ‘liabilitymate’. You can watch his video below, but please go to his channel and give the video a thumbs-up so it is seen more. We need to get this sort of information out there. I am currently being censored, so there is definitely suppression in the works. Why don’t they want you to know all of this?

Direct Link for ‘Grubernment liars, time to wake up


I checked out these patents, and he is telling the truth about them. You might not believe anything else, but the truth is there … at the patent office.


I know I can’t fix the world alone, but we can if more people become proactive. Don’t listen to me; listen to the evidence that is everywhere if you are open to it.

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