Does Bill Gates Run the World?


Does Bill Gates run the world? Is he part of the new world order? Does his influence with the CDC and WHO make him powerful enough to control the world?

Does Bill Gates Run the World?

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

I’m quite sure that at some point in recent years, you might have asked, “Does Bill Gates run the world?” I’m not sure about the world, but he might very well exert strong control over the United States of America, but in truth, he is not alone in this venture. The more I research Bill Gates, the more my jaw drops. How is it possible that I never knew any of this before now?

Over the years, I’ve always been uneasy with the energy that surrounds him. There is a similar feeling with Mark Zuckerberg. Still, I always just chalked it up to him being a nerdy software developer, and nothing more. Well, in light of what is happening in the world at the time of this article, the facts I am finding, are most worrying.

I am not going into conspiracy theories; just largely the facts. If the dots connect for you, then we are on the same page, and your opinion remains your own. What I am presenting here is easily verified online, even with Google clamping down and censoring information. I have not made anything up for drama.


Honestly, writers can make anything seem worse or better than it really is. That is the way it is, and a competent writer can easily lead you to believe what he or she wants without writing the actual words. So, I am telling you that upfront. Unlike politicians, I do not have much to hide, and I will probably make around 5c from ad revenue. Are there connections between these facts? I believe there are, but I want you to make up your own mind about them.

I am not going into his life history because it has all been done before, and then done again. After that, they rehashed it all once again, rebaked it, and called it ‘fresh’. I’ll link to some videos at the end of this article that you can go watch and decide for yourself about who the man is.

Bill Gates’ Investments

My concern is with his future intentions. With this in mind, I have been investigating his public assets and more recent investments. Where has Uncle Bill been stashing all of his hard-earned billions? Let’s first look at what he owns and also what he controls — literally. We know it’s not Microsoft, that’s clear. I believe he might actually have more shares in Apple these days.

At this point, it’s critical to mention not only Cascade Investment, but also the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. You often hear that Bill Gates is a great philanthropist and gives away most of his money to charity. That is true … on paper. In reality, he donates the money to the foundation, and the foundation buys up stocks in things he wants to control. His friends donate to his foundation and he donates to theirs. The money just circulates amongst those seeking to control the show.

Cascade Investment is his own investment company. When we say he owns a certain number of shares, we usually speak of the combined power of all the stocks that he controls. Some say that the foundation is a way of avoiding tax, but still maintaining control of the empire. More will become clearer later on.

As of 2019, Bill Gates is the largest shareholder of Canadian National Railway. One of his best friends is Warren Buffett, and this is important, which will become apparent shortly. Buffett controls Berkshire Hathaway. Another asset it owns and controls, is BNSF Railway, with Bill Gates at his side on the board. Between them, they control the most amount of North American rail tracks. Should two men control the railways in this fashion?

Now, back to Berkshire Hathaway. Bill Gates also owns a large chunk of it, reportedly about $12.5 billion. It’s also interesting to note that Berkshire Hathaway owns many companies. Not just a few shares, but in totality. Some include media, insurance, banking, and even 18.15% of American Express. Then we have Precision Castparts Corp. They also make things like howitzer components, missile housings, and armament and gun system structures. In 2013, it was also listed as the top US polluter. Bill Gates does likes filth. He has invested heavily into landfills too.

While on the topic of all things military, Gates owns 2.05% of Caterpillar Inc. It’s not a lot in percentages, but it bears mentioning as it’s a lot of money. The Vanguard Group have 8.77%, and Blackrock own 4.43%. They actually own more of Microsoft than Gates these days. Don’t Caterpillar make earth moving equipment? Sure, but they also have the Progress Rail brand. This makes sense since he controls the Canadian National Railway. They make one other product you might not know about: military equipment. Proudly supporting and supplying wars since WWI. It says so right on their page. They also supply the Israeli military.

Then there is Crown Castle, a real estate investment trust, with more than 40,000 cell towers and 65,000 route miles of fibre. The Gates Foundation likes 5G, and sees it as the way for the future. So much so that the foundation has over $600 million invested in Crown Castle.

Perhaps what most alarms me is Ecolab Inc. With a little investment of over $850 million, it gives Bill 25% control of the company, and he is still buying shares. What do they make, you ask? Sanitiser anyone? They supply restaurants, and hospitals with sanitary products and services. They also make chemicals that reduce pathogens in beef and poultry processors. They also have an awful lot of patents that Bill is interested in. Hygiene and sanitisation is required when you predict epidemics. It’s good to be prepared.


Now he is teaming up with Jeff Bezos to rid the world of this new epidemic. Amazon is going to save the world, and Bill is the man to direct the show. The two richest men are about to become a lot richer.

Fund and Foundations

Right, let’s talk a little about funding. Where do all these charitable donations go? They are donating willy-nilly, but let’s look at exactly where the money path leads us. You can decide the implications for yourself.

On March 30, 2020, the Caterpillar Foundation announces that it is committing $8.5 Million to Global COVID-19 Response Efforts. Guess who is at the top of the list? The United Nations and the World Health Organisation.

Bill Gates is the second biggest funder of the World Health Organisation, and by some accounts, perhaps the biggest. Between 2009 and 2015 Gates has handed over $1,535 million to WHO. That’s a lot of loose change in their pockets. Still, they did initially tell us that CoVid-19 was nothing to worry about. Did William Henry Gates III have a little word with the director? After all, he has been preaching about vaccines since the early 1980s.

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation likes giving lots of money to the CDC. You might remember from my last article on face masks that many people believe that the CDC is a non-profit organisation. The CDC ( is, but the CDC Foundation ( goes around collecting cash for the CDC. In my humble opinion, that is not quite so non-profit as they would like us to believe.

Bill donates to Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance too. However, Gavi also funds the World Health organisation. Between 2009 and 2015, the Gates Foundation also gave GAVI $3,152 million. GAVI then promptly give some of it to WHO too. Can you see a pattern?

Johns Hopkins University ( and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have a bit of a history together. There have been many donations made to the university over the years. They like to play what-if ‘germ games’ together. This brings us to Event 201, just one of several games these ‘kids’ with-too-much-money-and-time-on-their-hands like to play. In October, 2019, and before the so called ‘outbreak’ of nCov or CoVid-19, they ran a simulation for just such a probability. They have done this before, though. Read more about it here.

Vaccinate the World

We have often heard Bill saying that he wants to reduce the world population, or at least that this would be a good thing. Without going into conspiracy theories, and misinterpreting his words, how does he reconcile this with his obsession with vaccines for everything? Surely, if the population is too large, saving people is the last thing you should be doing. Vaccinating the population will reduce the death rate, and thus increase the population explosion. So, does Bill Gates run the world?

Gates postulates that by lowering the death rate, parents will have less children. Rationally we can say that parents will have less children because they won’t be facing the fear of mortality. However, this is not reality. I am African. I actually did study a little about Africa. Not only does he appear to not understand people’s cultures at all, but he is focusing on the symptoms instead of the cause.


If the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation really believed this theory, they would begin by investing money in education and health, not vaccines. Ignorance and lack of hygiene is what kills people. The issue is that there is not enough money to be made in saving the world. Vaccines are a huge business. I’m not against vaccines, but they do not have the best track record. People seem to forget this, and should read up about what really happened during the 1976 swine flu outbreak.

Bill Gates warned us about Corona. Is he going to recover his invested billions through the sales of vaccines or is he really just going to donate the vaccines? Perhaps you haven’t heard about ID2020 ( Here, have a microchip at no extra cost.

The Second Richest Man in the World

In recent years, Bill Gates has become the second wealthiest man in the world, but that’s because he is buying the future. Presently, he is spending $100 billion to build vaccine factories. If it all goes according to his plan, he will probably regain that title when it begins to pay off — at our expense.

Funding companies to convince the world we need vaccines to viruses — real or imaginary — costs plenty of money. He is not thinking short term, and this should concern you. Should he begin selling his shares in these companies, perhaps he has shifted focus, and is regrouping. Still, there is no reason to sell, since he has invested in companies that we cannot do without.

The Final Thoughts

Here we have a man with rail transport control, and his fingers in the war pie. If the USA goes to war with its own people, he has the power to get the armaments (they have already been dispatched as seen in videos) to where they are needed, and he can also prevent food and supplies to areas he decides to punish.

He has also invested in Gene Editing with CRISPR, and artificially grown meat in labs. Then again, in 2010 the Gates Foundation also invested in Monsanto. He doesn’t appear to be interested in people’s health. He seems to want to profit from controlling it.

Bill Gates has been talking about population reduction for a very long time, and then insisting that we all get vaccinated. He is heavily invested in the infrastructure of North America. He has been diversifying into South America too, by the way.

You do realise that you will not get the vaccine if you do not comply with federal regulation. If you think you are fine because you do not live in the USA, think again. Who do you think will control the supply from these vaccine factories?

Do you trust Bill Gates to insert a microchip into your body so you can get a vaccine that is untested? All your details, including your finances, will be on the system, and you will be the system. Bill Gates can prevent you from receiving your allowance if you are naughty. He can cut you off from your funds with a flip of a digital switch. The chip obeys the government, not you. I know what my answer is, but tell me; what is yours? Do you trust this man? Does Bill Gates Run the World? Leave me a comment.

Some of my research:

Yes, there are a lot of Wikipedia links. They summarise things nicely for the reader. You can easily verify these things for yourself by following the links like I did.

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