Corona: who really has the Crown?



Who really has the Crown?

With all the Corona virus news, and the Covid-19 warnings, I’m looking at what is happening behind the scenes. Is someone controlling the stage production of life as we know it? I don’t believe that this is a mere conspiracy theory anymore. It’s time for everyone to think … for themselves. Stop repeating what you are hearing, and start thinking with a logical mind.

Just because you are told things, ‘experts’ give their opinions, and stats are bandied about, it doesn’t mean it’s the truth. If there is one universal truth, it is that almost nothing in the media is the unadulterated truth. I know this because I write. I know how to write things in such a way that you will believe something that I have not said. However, just because I can, it doesn’t mean I do. I prefer the truth. It will set us all free — if we let it.

Corona Image: Cover of the Economist 2017I’m not doing all of this for ratings. If I was, I would have done a proper SEO for some popular ‘Corona’ headline. I’m certainly not doing it to be famous. I think enough people know who I am already. To be honest, I’m not even the originator of some of these ideas, but I would like to bring a new voice to the discussion. You see, I sit somewhere on the scale between crazy and sane, and even this is subjective.


The reality is that there is some truth in everything, seemingly crazy or not. While everyone is panicking, they prepare our world for a new world order. The excuse of the Corona outbreak is the way you will be kept subservient. Fear is what keeps you enslaved in this epoch. The truly crazy ones are the people who ignore the signs. When you are warned, and you prefer to ignore it, you have only yourself to blame. We need more people to think … for themselves!

Corona Image: Close up of Donald Trump holding a coronation orb and sceptre.Today, I came across this cover for the 2017 Economist. Sure, it’s from a few years ago, but look at the redesigned tarot pack. Look closely. Look even closer. I’m not going into an esoteric tarot-like discussion because this is about politics. Now, peer at the card for Judgement. Yip, that is Trump himself. He is depicted sitting upon the world in reign. In one hand, he holds a sceptre, and in the other … could it be … is it a coronation orb of some sort? Corona, me thinks ye goddit!

Some say that he is sitting on a giant toilet roll that has been fashioned from the flag of stars and stripes. I think that might be reaching, and a lot of crap, or is it? Is it such a stretch? The world has been purchasing a lot of poop paper.

To say that all is not what it seems is a gross understatement. Forget about the theories of manmade viruses, and the likes. Instead, focus on slavery. The world has never been freed from enslavement. It simply changes format, and continues. We are on the brink of major change.

The economic meltdown has already begun, and it is by design. Free yourself, and take charge. Be a responsible human being. One person can change the world if enough ‘one persons’ think. Please … think … for yourself. You don’t need to understand it fully. Just know things are not what they seem, and it is up to us to change it. It starts in our minds. It’s time for a global, collective awakening, or we are in for some very dark times. Do not say you have not been warned. You have, but will you take heed?

So, I’m not saying anything. I am leaving you to think because it is the only way we can save ourselves. We cannot move forward into a new era of enlightenment without a bit of introspection. Do you still believe everything is coincidental? If you do, congratulations. It is exactly what you are meant to think. If you are beginning to question the insanity happening in the world, then welcome to the enlightened change that the world needs.


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