Are You Crazy? Who is Truly Sane?

Are You Crazy?

We often call people crazy. I do it all the time; I even call myself crazy too. That is all in good fun, but sometimes we genuinely call them crazy when they are perhaps the sanest of us all. What if … they were the ones who spoke the truth and we were all nuts?

All right, excluding my nutty self, I some times think that the people who we label as crazy say the most profound things. They tell us the truth in an unadorned, simplistic fashion that we — for some bizarre reason — dismiss as being crazy talk. The question is: is it?

Our society exists to keep us in check. It’s not there to help us inasmuch as it seeks to control us. Do I sound crazy? Sure, but I am consistently bonkers, so there’s that. I know many people think that I am some half-crazed fanatic saying mad things.

Today I had a lovely conversation with a new friend who is possibly even nuttier than I am; or is he? He speaks freely to me because he knows we are on a similar level, or vibration. We think at the speed of light — his words — and as a result, we find it difficult to be understood. I had several a-ha moments today. His wacky words brought new insight into what I already knew.

Of course, I am using the words are you crazy and nutty in a loose way. What we spoke about would see us locked up in a loony bin, and yet, it’s not so crazy. What is truly crazy is the fact that people choose to believe things contrary to common sense. Now that is just bonkers in my mind.

I guess the lesson for today is to listen and try to understand before you label people as certifiable. There is something to be learnt from everything … if you just listen. Do you think I am nuts? Do let me know in the comments.

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