Why We Don’t Need Gay Rights

Find out why we don’t need Gay Rights. Gay men and women are not special. All we need are equal human rights. This is a legal issue and not about religion.

Why We Don’t Need Gay Rights:

It’s about equal human rights


Over fifteen years ago, I published some magazine articles just before same-sex marriage was legalised in South Africa. I took the stance — as I still do — that we do not need Gay Rights. I know it’s a controversial statement, but stay with me … there is a point to be made.

Recently, I was in a very late-night and engaging conversation with some wonderful heterosexual friends with great minds. Somehow, the conversation got around to the Gay Agenda, and how things like transsexual and intersex lifestyles are being pushed onto small children. I would like to address both sides of this discussion, and hopefully, make sense to both parties.

First, let me begin by emphatically stating that gay men and women do not need Gay Rights. Yes, I am gay, and yes, I do want my human rights upheld. The thing is: I want equal rights to everyone else. There is no such thing as Gay Rights at all. However, there is a universal struggle for equal rights.

To insist that homosexuals need special rights, is to state that we are different: we aren’t. We are human beings just like everyone else. We don’t melt in the rain or breathe different air. Gays are not foreign to nature. In this light, I demand that we be treated equally, and without a label. That is all, and it’s not too much to ask. If you have these rights, am I not entitled to the same?

The perception of whether people do have the same rights or not is usually influenced by whether one has them or not. When you have them, you cannot fully comprehend what it is like not to have them. Trust me, if you did understand, you would change your mindset about people struggling for equal rights as being pushy and needy.

Leave religion out of what is purely a legal issue. I have no desire to be married in a bigoted building surrounded by intolerant people. Only people who seek conflict wish this, and that is a very small minority. The rest of us want copious amounts of peace and quiet, with the occasional Gay Pride Parade. This brings me purposefully to my next point.

The parade is not just for freaks. Yes, often there are some there, but then there are freaks everywhere. If you don’t want to see freaks on the streets; stay at home with the television off. We have to be realistic. Just because you see the freaks and no one else, that is not the average gay person’s fault: it’s yours. We are here, and we are queer, and you don’t even notice us. Need I say more?


The Gay Pride March is held for many reasons. One, it is for the sheer fun. It’s a fantastic day filled with all sorts of people. It’s one huge Mardi Gras and some people who attend are even heterosexual. It’s not an exclusionary day … you can choose to join in.

Two, it celebrates the Human Rights Movement. These rights achieved by homosexuals bring benefit to everyone too, so do some research. If nothing else, it ensures that we retain some human rights because we have precious few. It’s a sort of social reminder to be ever vigilant.

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Three, the parade mourns and marches to bring to light the people who do not have the same rights: the basic right to life, and human dignity. Just because we have rights where we live, it doesn’t mean that the challenge is conquered. It just means that we are lucky. On the day we march, we do so to remember those that are not so fortunate.

Now, let’s get onto that saucy little word: agenda. Sounds so pushy and evil, doesn’t it? Right from the start, I want to state that there is no homosexual, transsexual, or bisexual agenda. It’s not like we get together over tea and plan to take over the world. Trust me, we do not want a gay world. We want to be humans living in a world that doesn’t care about what we do in the bedroom. I don’t give a fig about your sexual fetishes, so kindly extend the same respect to me. No, wait … fetishes? I am interested now ….

Jokes aside, let’s get onto a serious point: the media. When you see transsexual superheroes in cartoons or animated movies, it is not a Gay Agenda. I have nothing to do with this, and I did pass commentary about it on Facebook. I bet you missed that. The media wants to make money, and it makes most of it with controversy. The more controversial, the more people flock to the scandalous. There is a fear of missing out on the saucy bits. It’s human nature, but it’s not an agenda that homosexuals have organised. Think about it: why would we bother to convert the world? There are enough of us about, and we have better things to do.

I am not opposed to having gay role models in the media either. I’m all for them, but don’t misrepresent me. Everyone has the right to exist, and let them be. The trouble is that people only ever see the two extremes in the media: the absolute screamers, and the straight-acting type. The former is the exception to the rule, and the latter is living a lie.

I could be gay-acting as I am gay, but since I am fairly normal, I am a normal-acting human being. See? Most homosexuals are fairly boring and normal. Stop expecting stereotypes, and start seeing people.


Then there is the topic of transsexualism; I definitely would like to touch on it one day, but it won’t be today. I have to get you crazy nutters back to my den of equality somehow, don’t I? Sign up to my blog. I don’t byte … only on Fridays … oh wait … today is Friday!

I am a person before my sexual orientation. To put the cart before the horse is to make a grave error that leads to little else but disharmony and conflict. We have had enough of that nonsense, so let’s do something that works. Let’s concentrate on human rights … for everyone … in all walks of life. It’s not so hard … promise.

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