Equal Rights: the Challenge of Gay Extremism

Common sense: Equal Rights are what we require to be equal. People tell me that I have strong opinions. Well, what better kind are there?

The Challenge of Gay Extremism:

There is a Much Better Way

People tell me that I have strong opinions. Well, what better kind are there? Either you have a proper opinion, or be quiet. When I wrote my last article about why we don’t need Gay Rights, I knew someone would appear to challenge common sense.

If you haven’t read the first article yet, please do so here …. If you would like to read the comments on Facebook that have led to the ban of two gay people on my Gay Pride SA Facebook page, please check them out here ….

Right, so as it is always said, common sense is really quite scarce. The very people who most need to read all of this are the nitwits who are arguing the loudest. These are the people who cause trouble for everyone, and yet achieve so little: the rebels without a cause or clue.

These people do not want equal rights: they want special rights. Why? If you want to be special, then do something special in the world. I mean wtf! Get off your arse and actually make a difference. Grow up, and go to the corner store to buy some common sense.

The fact that you are a raving homosexual does not make you special just as being heterosexual doesn’t either. These people are what is wrong with the world today. It’s called self-entitlement. Just stop it!

Once again, I am not against human rights, and I will march with anyone who joins the struggle for equal rights. Equal rights for all, not just gay men and women. These petty people live by conflict … by default. This is a dreadful approach. If you want to be respected and acknowledged, then behave in such a fashion as to be deserving of it.

With all the real challenges that homosexuals face in the world, these gay fanatics are actually causing more harm than good. The world doesn’t owe you anything and you are certainly not special. If you think you are special because of your sexual orientation, then you are a fool with a personal axe to grind.


I was called a republican by the one commenter. Really? I suppose there is a first for anything, and I thought I was a radical liberal. Just perhaps I am the voice of reason. I asked the person, “Did you even read the article?”

The reply was, “Did you?” Erm … yes, you moron. I wrote it and then edited it a few times. I think it is safe to say that I did read it. The person then went on to say I was making the point for her. Really? How? Isn’t it irritating to live on the same planet as the because-I-said-so-and-therefore-it-is-so people? No, until you actually say something logical or have some sort of premise, you are just blabbering on aimlessly. I just found something worse than an online troll: a homosexual troll.

Even if not a single gay person ever talks to me again after this, I will probably never change my stance. You are not special because you are gay: you are the same as everyone else. Demand no more than what everyone else has by law. Trust me: it’s enough.

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