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Stop Chasing Happiness and Start Living!

Stop chasing happiness and start living! Find happiness in life without experiencing the fear of missing out. This is how happiness is achieved. Stop worrying and start living. Be Happy Now!

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Transcript of ‘Stop Chasing Happiness and Start Living’

Stop chasing happiness and start living! You can choose to start living, or start dying. We don’t get a second life or a ‘do over’, so it’s important to make the very best of each day as it dawns. This requires that we stop chasing happiness and start living more.

Hey, my name is Jo Roderick, author of the book called, Happy Now! I have found that people spend more time chasing happiness than they do actually being happy.

Chasing happiness or waiting for perfection is a terrible sin to commit. You just don’t have the time! Each precious moment is perfect, and it’s a wasted gift to miss a single one. Time might be running out, but there is plenty left to enjoy — if you start now.

Physical beauty fades faster than the most vivid sunset, but inner beauty shines through the darkest hours. It lights the way for everyone to follow. Be that beacon for everyone, including yourself. Happiness is not something you hunt down and capture; it’s what you become, and it is truly beautiful.


Benevolence and Happiness

Your happiness is a gift you can easily share with others. When you are benevolent and help others, it should never be a selfish thing. You should do it out of your own free will, not for what you can get in return. It’s a mode of being, and it can’t be feigned.

I regularly help people, and if they don’t appreciate my time, I simply stop paying attention to them. I never expect them to do something for me unless it was mutually discussed beforehand. Life isn’t about manipulation; it’s about sharing and the faith that when you require help, someone will pop up to assist you when you need it most.

You can be helpful and friendly without being a welcome mat everyone regularly stampedes over without a second thought. The prevailing sentiment that good guys finish last, and that only nasty people get ahead really needs to be exposed for what it is: the fear of appearing weak. Go help someone; you will both benefit from the interaction.

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Overcoming the Fear of Missing Out

The Internet, media, and certain elements of pop culture are driving people into self-destruction. It is common for people to experience the feeling of missing out. The anxiety of overlooking a thought provoking article, podcast, or video can be crippling for some. Certain people become knowledge junkies, and spin their wheels in a futile attempt to just keep up.

I can relate as I was this way, and to a certain degree, I still am. I thought that I could organise data and information so I could use it later. The trouble was that I was spending more time documenting life rather than living. Now I write it down, and publish books, and videos.

The only thing I can assure you of is that you will miss many things. All that matters is that you concentrate on what is ultimately significant, and of primary interest to you.

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I wish you a long and happy life … right now!


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