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How To Be Positive in a Negative Environment

Wondering how to be positive in a negative environment? Find out how happiness works. It’s not as hard as you might think.

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Transcript of ‘How To Be Positive in a Negative Environment’

Staying positive in a negative environment can be challenging, but it all begins with a positive mindset. While you may not have control over your surroundings, you are always in charge when it comes to your thoughts and how you choose to view the situation.

Hi, my name is Jo Roderick, and I published a book called, Happy Now! One of the questions I am most often asked is, “How do I remain positive on a negative work environment.”

Ultimately, it is entirely about how you react or perceive the situation. This is not to say that a negative environment will not test your resolve, but how it influences your life is largely dependent on if you allow it to do so.

Who you are and whom you become is not governed by the world at large. Being negative or positive is a personal choice you have made. You can always change that. To worry about the pessimistic world is to reach for an external source of power, which can only lead to excuses. You can lead by example and be an optimist regardless of your environment.

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Learn to brush it all away, and do your best to ignore the negativity. I constantly advise people to take up some form of meditation because it allows your mind to build defence mechanisms to fight off the negative onslaught.

A negative environment will change if enough positive people refuse to submit. Be the change that you seek. When it tests your strength, smile, and know that you are stronger because of it.


Just because you have made unhappy life choices until this juncture, it doesn’t mean you cannot learn a new way. If I could take a better route years ago, then trust me, so can you. At first, it does seem like plenty of hard work — and it is — but it’s a bit like exercising dormant muscles. The stretching helps and soon you are sprinting ahead … effortlessly.

Positivity. Being positive is not a vague activity; it’s a conscious decision you make. Telling yourself things that you don’t believe is a lie, and pointless. You need to actually be positive, not just tell yourself that you are. The act of telling yourself is only the first step in the brainwashing process. It’s a proactive task that you make part of your daily life.

The best thing you can do is be self-aware of being positive. Do constructive and productive tasks. Help other people — help yourself! Go out and actually do something, even if it is only smile at strangers, sending them on their way with good will. This is what being positive entails.

Just saying it is about as useful as telling yourself that you have bags of money when you don’t. You must believe you can achieve what you desire.

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Direct Link for ‘How To Be Positive in a Negative Environment’


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