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How Happiness Affects Your Health and Life

It’s important to understand how happiness affects your health and life purpose. Our happiness levels influence how we perceive, and live our lives.

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Transcript of ‘How Happiness Affects Your Health and Life’

It’s important to understand how happiness affects health and life. Our happiness levels influence how we perceive, and live our lives. If you want to increase your happiness quota, keep watching because I have some suggestions for you.

Hi, my name is Jo Roderick, and a while back, I published a book called, Happy Now! Happiness is ultimately a choice that you make for yourself.

The Positive Effects of Happiness

The positive mental health benefits are absolutely exponential in effect. Your entire outlook on life changes once you reprogram your mind to be positive and proactive, rather than negative and reactive.

The best part about self-brainwashing is that you get to build a safety button into your own mind. Eventually, you find it much harder to become depressed, and to remain that way for any length of time. So what can you expect? Well …

  1. You are happier;
  2. You are physically healthier;
  3. You waste less money on pointless shopping that brings little contentment, but actually depresses you when you have to pay the bills;
  4. You look forward to life, and the next day;
  5. People want to be in your company, and some might even want to follow your example;
  6. Doctors say that your neural patterns change;
  7. You feel lighter and look healthier.
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As soon as you understand that your emotions are not hostage to the situation, you extricate your feelings and liberate them. The most powerful recurring theme is that of freedom of thought and internal choice. Even when you feel trapped, with no way out, you always have the power and control over your own mindset.

This is why a prisoner can be happy in spite of his situation, and the restrictive circumstances. Ultimately, you have the same option available to you too. Which do you choose? Pessimism and defeatism, or happiness and optimism?

Do You Even Want to be Happy?

We all must ask this crucial question of ourselves. It might sound odd, but we often say things that we don’t actually believe in or embrace. It’s incongruent with our true desires. We want to be happy, but set about doing the very things that make us miserable.

The current trend is towards insidious pessimism, adopting an attitude of no aspiration or expectation. Do you set your expectations so low that you cannot possibly be disappointed? This is painfully obvious, but what is also true is that you have no chance at being happy either. The simple fact is that you have chosen to be unhappy. Everyone is free to choose misery, but not to complain about the repercussions. What part about being miserable leads to unhappiness is unclear? I hope that the ramifications of choice are becoming more obvious.

Naturally, we don’t live in a vacuum, and we are influenced and affected by our environment. However, we still have the freedom of choice. You can choose to sink, or swim. If you opt to drown in misery, then the outcome is clear, and you must accept that you will be unhappy. I suggest that you settle into a nice leisurely stroke, and swim for happier shores.

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I wish you a long and happy life … right now!


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Direct Link for ‘How Happiness Affects Your Health and Life’


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