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Becoming a Content Creator

Nick Nimmin YouTube Challenge

This is my reply to the Nick Nimmin YouTube Challenge entitled, ‘Get Featured on My Channel’. This video is largely about how to be a good content creator.
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Transcript of ‘Becoming a Content Creator’

As you can see on the monitors behind me, the crowd is growing just outside. Reports have just reached me that that an enthusiastic 80-year young lady has even begun throwing her support hose and granny knickers on stage. The tension is truly mounting to epidemic proportions.

In an unprecedented and historic announcement, Nick Nimmin has requested permission to use part of my video in his promotions. Everyone is gathering in front of the stage, eagerly awaiting word from me. The suspense and excitement is growing. Will I, or won’t I?

So without further ado, and at risk of sounding a little eager …

I give Nick Nimmin permission to use this video in any way that he wants on YouTube.

All right, jokes aside. What? I can be serious! I can too!

My name is Jo Roderick; welcome to my channel. I write lots of words down, and then I publish them. I am now active with video, and life coaching. My main goal is to help people find their own path to a more vibrant and rewarding life.

Nick wants to know what it means for me to be a creator. Oh, you meant besides the millions of dollars in sponsorships, and the thousands of adoring fans? Hmm … let me see now.

First, I’m glad he asked what does it mean to be a creator and not a YouTuber. Seriously, we don’t call professionals on Facebook, ‘Facebookers’. Entrepreneurs are business-minded people whereas YouTubers usually just want to be famous. Perhaps I will be both successful and famous.

I’ve been creating something or other since I could crawl and play with Lego bricks. I had a box camera at the age of 8 or 9, and my first Canon SLR in my early teens. I was sketching, painting, and even drawing up rudimentary house plans too, which is why I studied architecture. I learnt to play a few instruments, some I wasn’t even too bad at either.

However, what I truly wanted to do was help myself, and others to break free. Free from the things that hold us back, and from leading our best lives. I’ve been counselling people as far back as I can recall. Apparently, even before that, as some people tell me. I don’t know what they are talking about, and I’m sure I have an alibi!

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People have always told me that I have a wonderful way of reducing everything, and every choice down to black or white. I still believe that anything grey is when we are trying to evade the truth, often about ourselves.

Becoming a video content creator has meant a few things. One, I had to appear on camera, and I was far more used to being on the opposite end. Pretty or not … it must be done. Two, I had to learn the art of creating moving pictures. It’s not quite the same as still images.

Being a creator allows me yet another extension of my creative self. It’s a new medium with a new audience. It’s as challenging as it’s rewarding.

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