Inspire and Motivate Yourself: Do You Need To Motivate Yourself Daily?


Inspire and Motivate Yourself:

Do You Need To Motivate Yourself Daily?

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On a busy day, you can motivate encourage and inspire yourself in as little as 60 seconds.

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Transcript of ‘Do You Need To Motivate Yourself Daily?’

Do you need to motivate yourself daily? When discussion about the subject of motivation comes up, I am often asked, “Do you need to motivate yourself daily?” This is a good question on many levels. First, yes. I do motivate myself daily, but no, I don’t need to motivate myself daily, but I do anyway.

It’s good to learn the positive habits of successful people. Many things in life are about regularity and maintenance. Motivating yourself daily is a good idea even if you feel you feel you don’t need to. The reason is that this is called affirmation, and it reinforces your positive outlook on life.

I don’t spend endless hours a day on motivation, but after years of practice, it becomes automatic. You tell yourself positive things all the time, and you believe them. The affirmations and motivations become part of your day, and not a side activity you have to do.


Does optimism come naturally or can it be learnt?

Optimism is as natural as pessimism. What is natural to one person, may not be so to another. The trouble lies within the definition of the word, ‘natural’. Many argue with me when I state that it’s your choice, but I no longer reply to them. These people are yet to discover the positive power of optimism and we need to be patient with them.

When wrote my book, Happy Now! I wanted to give people the simple truth. No one can make you happy, and similarly, you cannot make anyone else happy either. You must make yourself happy, first and foremost.

Either extreme behaviour is learnt, and thus reversed in the same process. How do you make yourself miserable and pessimistic? Now, when you do it in reverse, you are encouraging optimism and cheery expectation in a positive outcome.

There is no exact 10-step program. How do you achieve this then? Decide to be positive, and proactively replace pessimistic thoughts with positive ones. It’s a matter of practice, and you will do it for the rest of your life. Eventually, it will just become second nature.


How Do You Motivate Yourself?

Motivation is something that happens from within, and you cannot seek it out in the world. You have to find your own reasons to become, and remain motivated.

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Life has its up and downs, and the downs really seem really bad because we tend to focus more on them. The key is to maintain your focus because some days will be more trying than others.

The universal truth is that nothing stays the same. Just as the good times come and go, so will the bad ones. When you feel like you have nothing left, always remember your choice of outlook on life will help, or hinder your progress.

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