Cape Town Drought: The Truth Behind the Water Crisis


Cape Town Drought:

The Truth Behind the Water Crisis

Cape Town Drought: The Truth Behind the Water Crisis: Click to watch this YouTube Video

If you want to know the truth behind the Cape Town water crisis 2018, don’t listen to the politicians. The Western Cape water shortage is largely caused by political negligence. Everyone was warned that Cape Town Will run out of water, and that the dam levels were dropping, and yet nothing was done.

The ANC has been trying to bring the Western Cape to its knees ever since they lost control, and denying crisis funding has worked really well. The DA (Democratic Alliance) kept quiet in order to retain the votes they won from the ANC.

Another important factor in the drought in Cape Town is Semigration. In two decades, the population has grown from 4 to 6.5 million. If want to understand the drought in Cape Town 2018, watch this video. Cape Town Day Zero is fast approaching, but will the Water Crisis be averted even with the empty dams?


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Transcript of ‘Cape Town Drought: The Truth Behind the Water Crisis’

Many people have an opinion about the drought in Cape Town, but very few understand the situation. What I am about to tell you is the truth behind the water crisis in the Mother City. This is going to be controversial, so hang onto your front-row seats.

I’m Jo, and I live here. I’ve lived in South Africa for most of my life, and therefore, I know a thing or two about local politics. While everyone is blaming Mama Nature, they are ignoring the truth. It’s for this reason that I am speaking out.

By August 2016, I was already economising by recycling my shower water to flush the toilet. The link to my original article detailing this is in the description of this video. I also haven’t washed my poor car in a year and a half. Fortunately, it’s parked in a garage. I’ve always been a bit of an environmentalist, and even written a book on the subject. Therefore, saving water in a country prone to dry spells seems logical to me. If only common sense was rampant amongst humans.

The challenge that the Cape is facing is almost entirely political; it’s composed of three simple factors.

Factor #1. The ANC, who is the ruling party of South Africa, was voted out of local government in the Western Cape many elections ago by the inhabitants. Since then, they have been trying every trick in the book to force the province to its knees in a desperate attempt to regain control. I’ll be called all sorts of unpleasant names for saying this, but do bear with me. I’m not done.

Factor #2. The Democratic Alliance, or DA for short, has slowly gained votes countrywide, and in some areas, they have taken enough voting control to push back against the almighty ANC. The challenge with all of this is that they have had to do everything they could to retain those votes. This means constantly snapping at the heels of the ANC, but also avoiding any troublesome topics such as … oh, I don’t know … lack of water.

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The news that we don’t have enough water for the populace of this region is not a surprise. This was known years ago, but let’s not upset the voters and look incompetent. Shh! Don’t cause an unnecessary panic amongst the folks. It will make them vote for another political party.

Factor #3. Semigration is a term bandied about recently. This is when people move from a particularly troublesome part of the country to another. In this case, the Western Cape. Due to the political climate, and the appalling state of governance in the new South Africa, many people semigrated down south, to the Western Cape.

In the last 2 decades, the population of Cape Town has increased from 2.5 million to over 4 million people. That is Cape Town alone. The Western Cape province grew from 4 million to a whopping 6.5 million people.

With these easily verified facts in mind, none of this is a revelation, and all those in power are responsible. This is a relatively dry, Mediterranean type of climate. It’s not so much that we are in a drought, but rather than no one planned ahead. The dams have been emptying out for years.

Yes, the land is a little parched, but it will survive. The trouble is all these extra mouths thirsting for resources that have not kept up with the demand. There are dozens of incomplete projects all sitting at 30-50 odd percent of completion. So even knowing we would be high and dry very soon, no one bothered to press ahead and ensure that these additional water supplies ready by D-Day. No, instead, it was more important to win our votes.


Lastly, many Capetonians are still in denial. They carry on wasting water as if they don’t watch television, or listen to the radio. A week ago, I saw people buying huge drums for stockpiling water. Have you ever heard of such a ridiculous waste of precious water? By the time D-Day arrives, that water will be foul, and probably tossed out into the garden.

I implore everyone living in or visiting Cape Town … please stop wasting water. The government has failed us, but now is not the time for finger pointing; it’s time for action.

I thank you for watching.


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