Do You Have Enough Time in Your Day?


Do You Have Enough Time in Your Day?

Slow Down and Live More!

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If you are always rushing about, perhaps you need to slow down and live more. You learn should live better not more. Set priorities, and enjoy life to the fullest. You have the rest of your life so make it a great one.

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Do You Have Enough Time? Think about it. Are you always wishing you had more time? Time to get things done; time to catch up; time to relax.

First, it I should mention that time does not actually exist. No, trust me; it’s a man-made construct. Seriously, how many squirrels have you seen running around with a nut in each paw, muttering to himself about not having enough time to squirrel away his nuts?

Nature runs on cycles, and has it’s one patterns, but while we measure them with our concept of time, it doesn’t follow the clock. It doesn’t punch in and out of our time clock. Instead, the universe cruises on, not at all affected by our frenetic lives.

We created time, slapped it on our wrist, and called it an iClock. In theory, it’s supposed to help us manage time better, and thus have more time for ourselves. However, the reality is quite different.

We spend more time checking the time; how late we are; how much time we have left … and then … well, we find ourselves quite dead, usually from a heart attack. Suddenly, time seems trivial. Let’s put it into perspective before we run out of this precious commodity.

We spend so much time chasing the clock that we forget to live. It’s so commonplace that it’s become a new religion: the worship of the ‘hustle’. It’s unhealthy, and it’s a treadmill to nowhere.

Years ago, I made the break from the insanity. I moved to the second largest city in South Africa. I close enough to the ocean that I can actually smell it. Whenever I drive out of the house, I can see Table Mountain.

I can’t say that I have more time, but I do have better quality of the stuff. Time’s always sweeter when it wafts in on a salty ocean breeze. Okay, this is Cape Town so the breeze is usually gale force.

So, do you have enough time … to give this video a thumbs-up and subscribe to my channel? I’ll do my best to honour your time with good content.

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