Twinings Tea Review: Earl Grey Tealess Bags Produce a Weak Cup of Tea


Twinings Tea Review

Earl Grey Tealess Bags Produce a Weak Cup of Tea

Do you drink Twinings’ Earl Grey? What are your thoughts on the quality of the tea? Here are mine. I’m thoroughly disappointed in the company’s attitude towards customers.

Transcript of ‘Twinings Tea Review’

Hey, my name is Jo Roderick. If you drink Twinings tea, this video will be of interest to you.

In general, I don’t consume copious amounts of caffeine. Since I’m nearly 48 and three quarters young, I’m forever trying to lose my baby fat.

The short of it is that I tend to diet — or at least somewhat watch my weight — for 2-3 days, and then I have a day off. No, I will not tell you just how much chocolate I consume on my days off.

What I’ve found is that making a jug of iced tea is a huge help in curbing my appetite. On the days that I don’t sip the tea, I am ravenously hungry. However, I digress ….

I was introduced to Earl Grey nearly 30 years ago. I’ve always been fond of it; especially Twinings’ recipe. Perhaps I should say that I WAS fond of it until the quality standards dropped below an acceptable standard. It’s now a mediocre tea with a premium price tag. It costs twice as much as any other local brand. Local … being South Africa. of course.

Have you experienced one of Twinings’ tealess bags yet? I’ve tried hard to discern the Bergamot, which is key to the unique Earl Grey flavour, but I cannot find any trace. Most of the tea leaves have been lost in customs too.

These days, one Twinings teabag can barely produce a medium cup of tea. It’s a shame really.

To make matters worse, the packaging has also changed — for the worse! The box is tiny, which does mean that we cut down less trees. However, the paper is so flimsy that it’s impossible to open up the supposedly ‘resealable’ box. At least not without destroying the packaging, resulting in an eruption of tealess bags, forcibly dispatched to every corner of the kitchen.

This is aggravated by coastal climes, which leave the packaging a little limp from the humidity. Twinings states that the tea is “Foil Sealed for Freshness”, but that too has been seized by customs. It’s all just carelessly tossed in the box. With one of the recent packages, the little bit of tea that is supposed to make it’s way into the bag, misses the centre so that it’s stuck on the pressed perimeter. It then flakes off to the bottom of the box, or worse, into the teacup! Should I brew the box itself?

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After over 150 odd tealess bags … and endless unanswered messages and e-mails sent to Twinings …

I’ve changed to a local brand. It’s a third of the price of the imported tea, foil sealed, and they even include Bergamot at no additional cost. Perhaps Twinings could apply these simple features to their Earl Grey. It used to be the best.

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