Surviving Christmas: A Merry Guide to Surviving the Festive Season


Surviving Christmas

A Merry Guide to Surviving the Festive Season

Surviving Christmas is the goal of many people. All they want is to surviving the Festive Season, and get through the Holidays. If you are looking for tips on surviving the holidays, I have some for you. It’s simpler than you think. Being alone doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the holidays.
Politically incorrect or not, I wish you a very Merry Christmas. Good will is never out of fashion.

Transcript of ‘Surviving Christmas’

When they fired me from the Santa Academy for being too skinny, I kept the hat as a souvenir.

Jokes aside, I only do this once a year so laugh while you can. I just wanted to wish all you crazy kids a Merry Christmas.

Not Christian? That’s okay, I won’t charge you any extra.

It’s all free good will and all that.

Hey it’s season for Hos. Erm, you know what I mean. They come in threes.

[Sound of Sleigh Bells]

Sorry, I was a little distracted for a moment. So where was I?

Oh yes, Christmas. Wishing people well even though don’t want it.

What is that noise?

[Sound of Sleigh Bells]

Who let the reindeer out? Prancer is prancing all over the place and making so such a racket. The bell on the collar was such a bad idea. Who knew?

Okay, so let’s get serious for a moment. Since not everyone is going to be ‘Merry’ this season.

If you are one of those people, this video is for you. I want to break down a few points to help you to survive the festive season.

First, if you are religious, and alone, go to a religious ceremony. You don’t have to take a buddy or a spouse to go to church. Honestly, if people judge you for being alone, you should find a better place to hang out at Christmas.

Second, if you are not religious, then what’s the issue? What are you depressed about? It’s just another day. You get 365 of them each year. If it wasn’t for Christmas what would you be doing. Just go do that.

The reason why so many people feel down in the dumps is that the commercial aspect of the festive season is centred on an impossible ideal. Treat the festive season as any other day; appreciate the peace that you will feel. Release the burden off your shoulders. You are not a loser because you are not as one-dimension as a Christmas card.

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Is that even a thing anymore? Do people still send Christmas cards? Perhaps we simply send each other YouTube videos now.

Anyway, every day should be special regardless of the commercial hype. The best part of the festive season is that you don’t actually have to believe. You can still collect on all the good will. Don’t mock it; it’s the only season people aren’t actively campaigning for war and destruction.

Easy on the Hos, though. Too many are bad for you, just like candy. Chocolate is fine.

I want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. I’m off to round up the reindeer while you subscribe and hit the bell icon for notifications. That is all I want for Christmas!

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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