Break Free From Modern Day Slavery (Money Series Prt 2)


Break Free From Modern Day Slavery

Money Series Part 2

Debt slavery is a real concern, but most people still do not understand how it works. If you are stuck in this cycle, break free of Debt Slavery today. Stop the habits that will keep you poor.

Transcript of ‘Break Free From Modern Day Slavery’

Is the ‘American Dream’ a trap of disillusionment? Has faux capitalism failed?

What is Modern Day Slavery?

Some pretend they are from the elite class and spend far too much on credit to enable the illusion. Every month end, that fragile bubble comes closer to bursting. Bills that cannot be paid are simply ignored, but we all know how that story evolves.

The reality is that debt is not by accident. It’s not something that is even actively discouraged, and there is a very good reason for this. When the modern world first heard of the concept of a central bank, it seemed like a good idea. In reality, it was a lie that our ancestors were sold, and now we see the culmination of the effects.

How do you control the masses?

It’s not like we can beat them and force them to work the fields any more. Modern day frowns upon that sort of thing. Most unseemly ….

No, there is a far simpler solution, and as simple solutions go, they are always ignored by the masses. The people who control the world’s finances just shifted methods. Debt is a very effective form of enslavement. These powers allow societal constructs to impose norms that require debt, successfully placing the world under their control.


If you don’t study further, buy a house, a car or two, and start a family before thirty, there must be something wrong with you. The pressure is on, but instead of encouraging the youth to first make money to pay for these things, they are instructed to take out loans and mortgages. They cannot break loose until the monies are fully repaid, and are thus disempowered.

Before modern society, people lived in a far freer manner. We like to kid ourselves that our iProducts and iConnectivity are proof of how free and modern we are, but we have merely seen troublesome slavery replaced by another subjugating paradigm.

When one is in financial dire straits, there is a perception that adding to the insurmountable number of zeros makes very little difference in the overall makeup of debt. It does make a difference, but not a positive one.

Many services can be purchased on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ scheme, but life cannot be bought. The changes you make today will affect the quality of life you have left. Life is not just a commitment to financial debt and material gain. We are not created to be enslaved.

We are not born to be indebted to any Central Bank.

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What mankind needs is a new consciousness, an awakening, an understanding that life is not about the amount of concrete you own. Money can buy almost anything: luxury, sex, people, and even a comfortable life, but it cannot buy time!

We spend far too much time planning on ‘making up for lost time’!


We work and work, and struggle to pay off our debt, thinking that we will have time later to enjoy our lives. This may not be the case, and the sooner we realise it, the better. Less debt; more life!

We should concern ourselves with today, tonight, breakfast tomorrow, and less on our material possessions. True happiness stems from within ourselves, and the knowledge of true freedom. What fashion dictates is a prescription for more debt.

The only element in our lives that we have control over is ourselves. We can begin to make changes in our immediate future. Stop buying shoes on credit. Sign up for fewer monthly subscriptions. Stop making financial commitments to things that do not serve you well.

If you do not have the time to enjoy the things you are paying off, then what is the point? Take up some physical exercise because your body needs it, and it will cost you less. A peaceful walk in the park is still free of charge the last time I checked.

If you find yourself enslaved to debt, then seek a creative way to get out of it so you can follow life to its fullest. You are legally bound to settle your debt, but there is no cosmic rule dooming you to spend the rest of your life in a dead-end job, just to pay it all off. Do not just settle down to an unconscious routine of avoidance.

Spend less, because that is the opposite of what they want you to do. Make freedom your choice, and slip out from under the controlling thumb of debt. Alterna­tively, you could just exist as a robot because this is exactly what is expected. Be a rebel and start settling your debt today. The choice is yours!

In the next episode, I am going to look at the evolution of money, right up to the dawning of cryptocurrency. Is blockchain the future?


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