1st Pinhole Vlog with a DSLR Thingyfy Pinhole Pro


My 1st Pinhole Vlog

Shot with a Thingyfy Pinhole Pro Lens

To my knowledge, this is the first pinhole vlog on YouTube. Curious how you can shoot video without a proper lens?

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Do not adjust your device! It’s not malfunctioning. Nope, I didn’t forget to focus. I deliberately left off the lens.

Okay, so technically, I’ve got a Pinhole Pro lens on the end of my Nikon, but there is no glass. It’s just a hole. This is great! I didn’t even have to brush my hair today!

I hunted for Pinhole vlog on YouTube but couldn’t find one. I did find some movies shot with the Pinhole Pro and other pinhole cameras, but no actual vlog, so this is my first official vlog with a pinhole.

A little bit of personal history. I made a pinhole camera nearly 30 years ago, and I still have the large format negatives to prove it.

I also wrote a tutorial on how to create your own pinhole lens from a camera body cap. The link in the description if you also want to try to make your own.

Then … I bought a proper pinhole from the folks at Thingyfy. The link is also down below.

It’s solidly built, and heaps of fun. I’ll be doing a full review on it soon, I promise.

While others are going hi-tech and super fancy, I’m doing something different … Well, I hope so.

The best part is that there’s no issues with focus. Pinholes are always in focus throughout. They are not sharp focus, but this is the charm of the pinhole.

Tell me … Did you like this ‘Lo-tech’ styled vlog? Let me know in the comments below if you want me to make some more of these.

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Thank you for watching and [thanks to] the folks at Thingyfy.


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