The Difference Between Drama and Motivation (YouTube)


The Difference Between Drama and Motivation

(What to expect from my YouTube channel)

Drama doesn’t do much for long-lasting motivation. All it does is get your heart rate up. Which do you choose?

Transcript of ‘The Difference Between Drama and Motivation’

Hey, my name is Jo Roderick, and welcome to my corner of the web.

I’m not the master of ‘cool’, and I’m the least hip person I know, but that is not why you are here. If you have read one of my books, or followed me on Quora, you will be familiar with my quirky sense of humour.

My channel is somewhat varied, but predominantly centred on self-help, motivation, publishing, and even a little visual eye candy since I am also a photographer. Mostly, I’d like to build a connection with you, and not just a monologue styled channel. I won’t please everyone on YouTube, so it’s rewarding when my content resonates with people.

Some use loud, climatic music; allowing it to build, and build, and just when everyone’s heart is pounding furiously, they begin swearing and shouting. Well, that, is unlikely to happen here. There will be excitement and probably some clever video editing, but there is a difference between absurd drama and true motivation. Drama gets your heart rate up, but motivation stays with you for life.

I really want to engage with all you lovely humans, so leave your comments below my videos. I do read them, and who knows … I might even give you a mention, and create a video around your comment. If something holds you back from living your life to the fullest, feel free to ask my opinion. Perhaps I can help.

If I have no good advice to offer you, then please do not take offence if I do not give you a proper reply. What you won’t get is a generic or vague answer just to generate content for my channel. The world is filled with that sort of nonsense. I have no intention on adding to the noise.

I’ve begun recording numerous tutorials so do remember to visit for more information as the courses are released to the public.

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