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In life, we are asked to take the good with the bad — at least in theory. In practice, we often complain, but forget the praise when it befits the occasion. This is such a moment, so allow me to explain why I am giving a positive shout out. I believe their service deserves a good word, for a change.

Review: of GoodFirst, let’s start with In my observation, it was never a particularly well-run company, or a good shopping experience. When it merged with, I thought their service would probably get even worse, but guess what? It didn’t, and it improved markedly.

Having been online for over two decades, I tend to spend much of my time in cyberspace, and I see many negative reviews and complaints about I am not attempting to speak for those people or seeking to dispute their claims. For all I know, they have valid gripes with the company.

As far as I am concerned, I’ve had one or two disputes, but they were resolved, so technically, there is nothing to complain about — anymore. This is all anyone can expect. A recent issue cropped while purchasing something reduced in price, and the cart went awry. I immediately telephoned in before making the payment, and my concern was screen captured by the operator as proof, and logged. My grievance was that it wasn’t dealt with right away, as it should have been because it was a one day promotion.

Still, I am not complaining because it was sorted out, and kept its word. We all make mistakes, but it’s in how we deal with them, and the manner in which we rectify the matter that shows our mettle. So, while it took a little longer than I would have liked, the important aspect is that it was finally resolved exactly as it should have been, and the customer was left both happy, and confident.

Review: of Good I doubt I am one of their biggest customers, but I do buy regularly, and sometimes even fairly expensive items — shhh, don’t tell anyone. makes it very easy to spend your earnings, and so it should be. This is the whole concept of encouraging people to part with their money.

I’ve returned one or two things that were not working as advertised or faulty, and I’ve had absolutely no issues at all. You send it back, or personally drop it off if you live in Cape Town, and you get a refund or credit. No muss or fuss.

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Therefore, this article has been written in line with my mostly positive experience with Everyone is entitled to complain if there is a legitimate concern, but I see harsh criticism of the company that largely stems from failure on the shopper’s part.

Pricing is often a sore point, but we are all adults. We cannot expect to be treated as grownups when we act as children. I don’t buy everything from; I shop around first. Simply because someone says a product is on special, it doesn’t mean you cannot get it cheaper elsewhere. I also make sure of my research before buying. I never return something because I changed my mind, and actually allows you to do just that, as long as you haven’t used and abused the product.

Review: of GoodThe delivery fee is also hotly disputed, but honestly, who truly delivers for free? I think that their minimum shopping cart amount to merit free delivery is more than fair. It’s unreasonable to expect cheap products, and then for the company to cough up to bring it to your door. While the expense of the drop offs are shared amongst multiple customers, it’s still marvellous not to have to leave the house to pick it up. What if your delivery is the only one in your area that day? The cost all averages out in the end.

No one paid me to tell the truth. If they had, I probably wouldn’t be writing this. If you are looking to shop online in South Africa, is generally a good place to begin. The option to ‘make an offer’ on overpriced products would be great, but there is a simple solution to this conundrum; buy it elsewhere. This is your democratic right.

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