Book Review: Lives of Anna Alsop by Janet Gogerty


When the Future Meets the Past

Lives of Anna Alsop by Janet Gogerty

Book Review: Lives of Anna Alsop by Janet GogertyHaving read the first two books, I was keen to carry on with the series. The great character development continues in Lives of Anna Alsop, and we get to know more about them through Anna Alsop’s eyes. The plot becomes more focused on family, and the different types that come together to form this unusual group of individuals.

This third novel expands on the story about the time travellers, and hints at who they might be. It’s almost a race against time so to speak. The past and the future meet in an attempt to set things right.

The conclusion holds some surprises for the reader, and I believe there is much more story to be told by the author. I sincerely hope Janet Gogerty writes more novels for the series. It’s a great set of books for the reader to dig into, and recommended for those who enjoy science fiction with a steady pace, and great characters.

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