Book Review: Fishing for Stones by Glen R Stansfield


A Great New Thriller in an Old‑World Spy Tradition

Fishing for Stones by Glen R Stansfield

Book Review: Fishing for Stones by Glen R StansfieldI absolutely loved Fishing for Stones, and I don’t usually read detective or police procedural type of novels. Glen R. Stansfield has written in just enough detail to keep the plot moving at a swift pace, and it doesn’t slow down the action. The information contained in Fishing for Stones enhances the adventure as the reader is whisked from Angola to Namibia, then to England, Scotland, and even Portugal.

It is clear that the author has done his research, and has even included first-hand aviation knowledge in a subtle and entertaining manner. I’ve always wanted to learn to fly a helicopter, so those scenes were particularly exciting to me. I learnt a few bits and bobs about several different things that only added to the experience.

The characters are rather likeable, diverse, and well developed. They are very human, ever so slightly of a bumbling nature, and easy to relate to as mortals. I’m also pleased to learn that some of them have made it into his next novel, Harry.

It was a great caper all the way to the end, with several surprises thrown in for good measure. The conclusion was rather fun, and a little unexpected. Anyone who enjoys a modern, thrilling adventure novel will love Stansfield’s Fishing for Stones.

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Get it on Amazon

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