Be Kinder: The World Needs More Kindness

Be Kinder: The World Needs More Kindness

Be Kinder

The World Needs More Kindness

Sometimes we are just too busy, or it is someone else’s problem. Perhaps everyone else is busy, and we can lend a helping hand, but will we extend it, or smack away the annoyance? Words are easily spoken without truth, but unheralded actions are magnificent. They silently speak volumes of your integrity, kindness, and very core. We should strive to be someone we admire, not grow to loath.

Pretending we are magnanimous and caring will not alter the facts. Denial will not make us any less culpable. Great people do not amass karmic debt; they earn respect. We can all be great in our own way, and all it takes is a little outward kindness each day.

When we deny people in need, block their path, or act in a selfish — and ultimately in a self-defeating manner — remember that the roles could be reversed. It’s imperative to remember this when we next dismiss someone who needs our help or even mercy. I know I would hope for tenderness and assistance. We must think before we are indifferent.

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