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Arcs, PFs, and the Usual Great Characters

Three Ages of Man by Janet Gogerty

Book Review: Three Ages of Man by Janet GogertyHaving read the Brief Encounters of the Third Kind, I was keen to continue reading the trilogy. At first, I thought that it might not live up to my expectations, but I was pleasantly surprised. The Three Ages of Man picks up the story, and expands on the plot by running parallel to the first novel, and beyond.

In keeping with the flow of the first volume, the second book maintains a steady pace, paying attention to detail, and providing great insight into the various characters we encountered previously. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea, and for those that enjoy a fast-paced series, with lots of flashing lights and noisy bells, this series is different.

Perhaps what I most enjoy about this trilogy is the focus on character development. It’s also current, with mention of Social Media, and even technological advancements. While it is science fiction, it is relatively grounded, and believable.

The end was a surprising twist, although Janet Gogerty does provide plenty of hints, and while it was a shock, I encourage you to read the Lives of Anna Alsop. I won’t say any more so not to give away the plot.

Now I want a PF, and an Arc. I would have enjoyed learning more about these ‘Arcs’, and perhaps Janet Gogerty will write more stories to include them, entertaining us with her incredible attention to detail.

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Get it on Amazon

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