Book Review: My Magical Palace by Kunal Mukherjee


An Extraordinary Tale of Both Fantasy and Reality

My Magical Palace by Kunal Mukherjee

Book Review for My Magical Palace by Kunal MukherjeeI’ve read many good books in 2016, but this gem has been the best by far. Why? Well, there are books that bore you, and then there are those that you do not want to end. When I reached the last page of My Magical Palace, I almost felt a sense of bereavement. I didn’t want to be denied the joy of reading a few more chapters each evening.

My Magical Palace is a wonderful tale as seen through a young and innocent mind — set many decades ago. The imagery is so powerful that I was sent hurtling back to my own childhood, also of that era. It’s as if I caught a glimpse of what it is like to be a child again, and I thoroughly loved it.

It is not to say that the book is without flaw, but while some have criticised the author, stating that the character was written far too young, and immature, I say the opposite. I believe you need to have some sort of understanding of the culture before it will makes sense. It also harks back to the early 70s when children at the same age were truly innocent, and victims of circumstance. I believe that all the children are exactly as they would have been, and we have forgotten what it is like.

Kunal Mukherjee writes in a vivid, almost surreal manner that brings the simplest of things — by modern standards that is — to life in the most magical of ways. There is a wonderful euphoria and sorrow permeating through the entire novel that very few writers ever achieve. If I could read this book again with fresh eyes, I would. I suspect it will haunt me for some time to come. For this alone, you should read My Magical Palace.

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