Crazy is the new Okay — Craziologists Agree


Crazy is the new Okay!

I was reading some material on being an author tonight – don’t we all read this dull stuff? It wasn’t even avant-garde, I promise. While reading — my mind wandered and then wondered — I realised something. Crazy is indeed the new Okay!

Seriously … all right, I am a little nuts according to nutologists and craziologists. For a very long time we all conformed and tried to behave, but now, we are allowed to be ourselves. Hang on! There are some men in white coats at my door with a smart vest sporting strange sleeves and complicated buckles. Never mind, I’ll ignore them for the moment.

As authors, we are always striving to find our voices. Well, I don’t have that problem really. I tend to be outspoken and it scares the meek. Oddly enough, children seem to like me. Does this mean children are a tad crazy too?

We are so caught up in trying to appeal and appease the masses, trying to find an audience, and simultaneously perform cartwheels that we forget that we are authors, and some crazier than others … and why not? It’s quite entertaining. I’ve been called many things, most of which I cannot repeat online, but boring or dull isn’t one of them.

Bring out the pots and pans! Let’s bang on and unleash the crazy! This party maybe insane, but it’s not dull. Me, myself and my thirty other personalities simply cannot be wrong!


Have you read Six For Seven yet? Some crazy people are saying it’s not what they would normally read, but they love it anyway ….

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