Book Review: Serenity Series by Marissa Farrar


An Engrossing Tale About an Unusual Family

The Serenity Series by Marissa Farrar

Book Review Serenity Series by Marissa Farrar

While this is a supernatural series of novels, it’s also about real people, and how they struggle to keep their family together. Marissa Farrar captures the hearts of the reader, and has created well-developed characters that you find yourself invested in; caring about. The author has achieved something not many do.

Each book is a self-contained story in itself that follows the lives of Serenity, Sebastian, and Elizabeth. Several years pass between some of the books, and I found it worked rather well — even if it might be a tad heart breaking in places.

What I enjoyed the most about the Serenity Series is that it’s centred on character development. There is plenty of vampire activity, and the pace is quite fast, almost thriller-like in places. It’s rare to find a series where each book holds its own, and keeps you paging on to find out what happens next.


If you enjoy a well-written, engrossing series about vampires, and family, then this is definitely a series you should add to the top of your to-read list. I must apologise in advance, because I suspect you might not get enough sleep until you finish the series. I know I didn’t ….

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Get it on Amazon

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