Book Review: The Long Weekend by Jane E James


A Dark and Fascinating Contortion of Life

The Long Weekend by Jane E James

When I picked up a copy of The Long Weekend I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. In some respects, I really got everything I normally don’t look for in a story, and even more of what I do. The result is that I bought a damn good novel because Jane E James is a masterful storyteller. The twists and turns become so convoluted that the story keeps you as tightly wound as an elaborate silk rope.

I will not give a bit of the book away, because it will spoil it for everyone, but be prepared for an extraordinary rollercoaster ride. The author has the uncanny ability of making you feel sorry for the characters even after the knowledge that they have done some awful things. The four main female characters are incredibly authentic, but with a depth that is like a concentrate of several people in one, unwrapping one layer at a time. Perhaps the little girl was a tad too mature … but there is a reason for that too.

The setting, the staging, the timing, and even the pace is fantastic. The story unravels by going back and forward in time without giving too much away in one go, but always returning to the one long weekend. James writes in vivid style that is neither drawn out, nor commonplace. The language is well balanced for each scene with a few raw parts for effect.

The author will lead you down the written path, allowing you to believe as you wish, and then lets you know that you are mistaken, before taking you down yet another avenue that leaves you astounded. It keeps you saying, “No that cannot be,” and yet turning to the next chapter.

Let me say that this is a dark, somewhat supernatural story, and it’s not for everyone. It’s not even what I generally read, but I encourage everyone who is seeking a brilliant book to read The Long Weekend anyway. What can I say? Did I mention that this is an exceptional novel?

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Get it on Amazon

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