Happy Knew Hair!


Happy New Year! Since I generally do things a little differently on my soap box, this year, I thought I would kick in the New Year with a little humour.

Happy Knew Hair, Everyone!

2015 was a particularly trying year — don’t we say it every year? — but for me, it really was. I am looking forward to a successful and pleasant 2016. I plan on writing like a madman once again, and selling lots of books to new readers. Hello new readers, and welcome to my world!

I’d like to encourage everyone to make the choice for happiness this year. You have the choice, so make it a positive one. You can, and will make a difference if you make the choice for happiness.


Well, that’s it … pretty much. What? I can do short and sweet! I can too … Yes, I CAN!


PS: I’m on a drive to meet my 2016 goals. Please buy a book, and do me the great honour of leaving a review. Thanks 🙂

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