How the Book of Life Got Its Name


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How The Book of Life Got Its Name

The Book of Life LeavesOver the last few years, I’ve been asked many times how my first non-fiction, self-help book got the name, The Book of Life. The answer is quite simple really, but some still think I named it because of the animated film with the same title. This is simply not true, but amusing, nevertheless.

First, my book was written over a period of 10-15 years and that was long before the movie was even though about. The Book of Life was published on the 1st day of 2014, and long before the world had heard of the movie. If I knew at the time that an animated movie would hit the big screen eight months after the publication of my book, I might have changed the name.

The Book of Life - Globe & Tree of Life.To make matters even more confusing, I did an illustration for my book cover depicting the ‘Tree of life’, which shakes its branches and scatters its leaves like a flowing river of knowledge. This too, appears to mimic the caricature style of the movie, but I completed the artwork in 2013. This was long before either my book was published, or the movie promotion started.

So how did The Book of Life get its name then? Well, it never got a name at all. In fact, this was always just a working title. For all my other works, I’ve always come up with a title, but for many years ‘The Book’ lay untitled and unpublished. The Book of Life-LeafEventually, I needed to publish and complete the artwork for the cover so the placeholder title became official. I’ve considered changing the title and rereleasing it with a new cover, but I have decided against it. Let’s allow the cards to fall where they may, and whichever one is remembered in the years to come shall be deemed worthy.

The Book of has, in turn, evolved into a series of which is still partly unwritten. Eventually there will be “The Book of Relating” too, and it all began because I had no title for The Book of Life!

My book is here to stay and you can get a copy of it on Amazon either in paperback or in an electronic format. Change your Mind, and Change your life!



The Book of Life

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